Anonymous Goods

I had been having a terrible week, trying to push through all of the negative things that seemed to be happening to me. But, a customer changed all of that when I was at my lowest. He thanked me and said words I desperately needed to hear. he made extra effort to let my highest manager know how much I helped him and how valuable my service had been. I was absolutely shocked. I almost cried. It couldn’t have come at a better time. Whenever I have a sad moment, I think of that man’s kind words and smile. He went so far out of his way to let the right people know and I will forever use him as an inspiration for how I live my life.

Yep — that is a photo of His Holiness the Dalai Lama dancing with dear friend and fellow Nobel Peace Prize winner, Archbishop Desmond Tutu. The Arch flew to His Holiness’ home in Dharamsala, India to discuss joy in the face of adversity. Something these two men know a lot about. Their discussion will b the basis of a new book, THE BOOK OF JOY. Then Archbishop Tutu surprised his friend with a birthday party for His Holiness’ 80th bday. School kids sang, the old friends dance [well sorta'] and blew out trick candles. it was fun and oh so GOOD! [photographer Tenzin Choejor captured the dancers in action]