Anonymous Goods

As Lucy is my friend, I will share a story of good that my dog (also Lucy’s friend ) Gabe and I performed. Recently, Gabe and I were hiking in one of the places where we hike in the Santa Monica MTS. As we began our hike other hikers told us of a medium sized white dog that had broken free and was running scared. The owners were at the top and didn’t know what to do. We were well into our hike when we could see the white dog running towards us,He avoided me ,big time.As he approached us Gabe went into action, he approached the dog who was scared and therefore skittish but Gabe won him over and they began chatting. As they chatted ,I was able to approach the dog and put him on Gabe’s leash. With that, we ended our hike early and walked Sophie back to her very happy owners!! Gabe was soooooo proud.

I was eating at a cafe & feeling kinda lonely. I am a single 39 year old female & often eat alone observing all the other tables interacting. I had also noticed 2 other older men each sitting alone. I remembered a quote from a movie, “if we are all, all alone, we are together in that”. So I asked my waiter for their checks & paid each of their tabs. One man came up to me in shock with his beautiful blue eyes full of tears & he asked why, you must have just gotten off the plane from somewhere else. I replied I just wanted you to know you are not alone & I want you to enjoy your day! He was speechless, but the tears of gratitude said enough.