Anonymous Goods

I saw an elderly woman with a walker struggling to get down the block, then she just stopped. I asked her if she needed help and she pointed at a door that was a few steps away. I went to hold the door, but there was a step and she couldn’t step up to enter the store. An employee then came and helped me, and then another person passing by suggested that we get behind the elderly woman and lift her up over the step, while the employee held her hands and kept her steady in the front. Between the three of us, we got her up that step and as I walked away, I thought, “Wow…that was pretty awesome to see the community coming together a bit here in the city.”

I encouraged a friend who was having a challenge at work, being a dailies guy on a movie … I reminded him that if he was doing what was better than the rest, he was doing a good job…. If they were trying to copy his business plan and demote him, that he was a success… And ultimately, if he was doing the best he could do… They could not copy his unique and divine gifts… 2 hours later, we hung up and he had a whole new positive attitude.

Today, while driving along the back roads of our little vacation town, I noticed a pedestrian who looked very very lost. I stopped my car and asked her where she was going. She named a street that I wasn’t familiar with. When I looked at my map, I saw that she had made a major wrong turn. I offered to drive her back to her friend’s home, but she said she was enjoying the walk. Then I explained she had about 45 minutes of more walking ahead of her. And then she accepted the ride! It’s kind of a scary thing to do, to offer or accept a ride with a stranger. But I’m glad we were both brave. We had a lovely talk, and I won’t soon forget our meeting!