Anonymous Goods

I saw the sweetest moment at the airport. Travelers with medical issues were lined up in wheelchairs and walkers to board early when a very tiny woman arrived. She was confused about where to stand and walked to the front of the line. An airline employee gently explained she needed to go to the back of the line. The woman seemed to understand but paused – put her head down on a railing as if to catch her breath. A fellow traveler with a walker noticed and instead of being angry that the woman had cut in line, invited the tiny woman to sit in the seat of her walker…it was a beautiful thing to see.

While we were hiking yesterday my grandpa started telling us about my family’s history, how his grandpa came from Sweden and hard to start and restart a life for his family more then five times, after bad times hit and they had nothing. It made me think how spoiled we are, complaining how there’s nothing to eat when really we just don’t want to make anything for ourselves, how awful our lives are, though our ancestors came from other countries with nothing and built a life for our grandparents, and then our parents and eventually us. I don’t believe in complaining because, for me and my family, we are in the safest country with a house, food, and loving people around us. I am BLESSED. D