Anonymous Goods

My dad was in hospital having a pacemaker done, and the receptionist came out and was super awesome and supportive, making things way less stressful. I bought a small bear and slipped it on her desk with a note saying “thank you for making the day much less stressful for us there”. She was a super positive ray of sunshine in what could have been a super-stressful day and you could see how she put everybody in the waiting room at ease, coming from behind the desk and speaking to each one of us encouragingly!

Something good happened to me quite a few years today, but today I saw the woman who touched my life in such a remarkable way, that it changed the course of my life. Today, I got to thank her and tell her how her empathy and thoughtfulness touched my life. I was in the teaching credential program at SDSU becoming a teacher after being a stay at home mom for our children. One of our children was finding life challenging and I felt the need to take time out of the program to be with him. I could have been suspended out of the program, but my angel felt what I needed to do and put herself in my shoes and never reported me to her superiors. She supported me through this difficult time with notes and words of kindness and I graduated with my class to become a teacher. Because of her, I have been able to touch the lives of my students. I am forever grateful for her acts of kindness and so very happy that she now knows how she made a difference in my life. Dot was an educator and knew how teachers impact the lives of their students. Dot shared with me the wisdom of her knowledge and encouraged me, just as my angel did so many years ago.

Recently our nephew Jeff’s baby was born 3 months premature in Ensenada, Mexico with blocked bowels. He was transported up to Rady Children’s Hospital for 7 weeks. Today he is 6 months old and weighs 11 lbs and is happy to be back with his family in Mexico. This could not have happened without the many acts of kindness of people who treated him, provided funds to transport him by ambulance to the border and then get him to Rady. The nurses and doctors worked miracles on this little one. My daughter and I spent hours holding him and providing love because his mother was not able to come into the states. When he got out of the hospital, it was put on Facebook that this family needed help and within 2 days, we had car seats, a bed, clothes, diapers for the first six months, formula and gifts of all kinds. Such joy fills our hearts for this out pouring of love and support.

This week a group of ladies got together up in Big Bear to celebrate their friendship and share the loss of a dear friend, Sandy. They invited another woman, Bonnie, who had just lost her husband, to join them for the week. Each woman took the time to sit and listen to the stories of Bonnie shared of her 43 years with her husband. I have no doubt that Bonnie left knowing that we all care for her and will be with her during this difficult time of missing her husband. Dot would have loved that relationships of all these women were strengthened by sharing laughter, love and memories.

Today my husband escaped from the house to go to lunch at the beach. He’s been cooped up for a week recovery from knee replacement surgery. The food was delicious! When we tried to pay the bill – the restaurant owner – Hameed – who has become a friend – would not accept payment. He told us before the surgery to call him and he would make a meal for Loyd and deliver it. I didn’t call because it was too difficult to predict how Lloyd would feel hour to hour. So instead – Hameed gifted us with a lovely lunch in his restaurant.

morningstar hospitalMy husband was in the hospital…my kids showed up for their stepdad to visit and bring tasty treats…even a few healthy ones. He was happy. So was I.

IMG_0617I was going through a tough, emotional time. My sister sent great, encouraging texts filled with love every day. Great Sister. Lucky me.