Anonymous Goods

This is so much fun…The two women in the photo met each other at a party and admired one another’s necklaces. The woman on the right took off her beautiful necklace of green stones and offered it to her new friend – who was flabbergasted. Then took off her beloved necklace and gave it to the other woman. IT GETS BETTER – IF THAT IS EVEN POSSIBLE. The hostess of the party teasingly said to the woman across the table – who is her sister-in-law – ‘That’s not fair. I admired that silver necklace first!’ As the sister-in-law was leaving she passed off her new necklace to another friend who promised to give it to the hostess So much fun and laughter and generosity! Everyone had just come from a reception with the Dalai Lama – clearly kindness was in the air — but these amazing women would have done it even with out HHDL’s inspiration.

Together with Shira Schvadron, I was honored with the opportunity to share art therapy in Israel, serving as a platform for intercultural dialogue between over 150 Jewish and Arab youth. We provided the supplies and the classes, and the youth rose up in their true potential, moved through the pressures of their environment and created friendships and shared the colors of love on canvas, walls and hearts all over Israel!!! SO BEAUTIFUL TO WITNESS THE COURAGE OF THE NEXT GENERATION!!!