Anonymous Goods

I was told to come here by a friend who read this on another site that I had posted upon yesterday, she suggested I repost it here, it is something that I did the early hours of Thanksgiving morning. This is my first post on AG. On my way home tonight from work I stopped at a convenience store and the young lady whom I know by name was in tears with pain while holding her ribs, a few days ago she thought she had the flu, since I had seen her last she had went to the doctor and was told she had a kidney infection and pleurisy. She could barely tell me anything without showing extreme pain. She said that the doctor couldn’t do anything to help her, I found this strange but I didn’t want to question her further. I left the store and headed to a grocery store I knew would have the cranberry juice I was looking for, the kind with no sugar, R.W. Knudsens’ Just Cranberry Juice. The store closed at 11:00PM. Off to Walmart I went, where I found a warming pad, some 4″ body wrap, a bottle of Olive Leaf extract capsules, Celestial Seasons Lemon and Ginger Tea and a quart of Just Cranberry Juice. Back to the convenience store where she seemed to be in even more pain than just 30 minutes earlier. There was a gentleman at the counter who showed concern for her pain as I had. I put the items on the counter and told her what each was for and how she could use them making sure that she understood between the spasms of pain she was experiencing. I let her know I didn’t want anything for these items and between the tears she thanked me more than once. As she was calling for someone to take the rest of her night shift I made my way towards the door and wished her well, the gentleman at the counter told me as I was leaving that that was a real kind thing you did for her. Keep her in your thoughts tonight, I’m sure she will appreciate it, that is an awful way to spend Thanksgiving.