The Agape Community Does Good, Feels Good, and Changes the World every day. Now we’re inviting you to double down on the good you’re already doing in the world by joining our challenge. Post a good you saw, you received, or you did. Your post raises real live dollars that fund all the basics- happiness, food, water, air and freedom. If you are from an Agape Ministry, please include the name of the ministry in the Good you post.

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  1. Rev Julie says:

    I took the time to bake yummy vegan treats for a meeting. I feel well balanced when I take the time out of my rushing and business to pour love into cooking for friends and family. Grateful. Sacred Service Ministry

  2. bronze says:

    I taught a free history class to seniors at a local adult literacy center.

  3. AllNeedsMet says:

    Fed one of my coworkers who had no money for lunch

  4. jpk says:

    supporting good

  5. smashingone says:

    I gave a homeless man food for his dog yesterday.

  6. B.C. DoGooD says:

    Somebody discarded a piece of trash in a public place today (seems like everyday), so I could feel good about picking it up.

  7. smashingone says:

    I chatted with the cashier checking my groceries today. He began talking of his dream to be an artist, and said he hoped it would come true. I told him I know it will and I am holding that in prayer. He was surprised and then was very grateful. I know it for him and with him. Agape Prayer Ministry

  8. puradrea says:

    I gave a homeless man my snack. He needed more than I did, and he was so very greatful

  9. Storey says:

    I told a homeless man that I loved him and that I see who he is. He told me that he loved me too. Joy. Love. Light.

  10. lindaralph says:

    I gave some soup that I made to my neighbor Ronnie.

  11. lindaralph says:

    I picked up trash from outside the building as I was going to dump my own trash.

  12. Alana Lea says:

    I’ve crowd funded 6,000 trees being replanted and maintained in Brazil, many of them through Agape’s outreach. I hope to see all of them benefit Agape’s campaign, with great love and appreciation.

  13. Interview says:

    While standing in the checkout line at Walmart, a young mother in front of me realized she didn’t have her debit card with her to pay for her items (which included baby formula and diapers), and she was in despair,so I paid for her purchases. She was grateful and it made my day!

  14. LifeIsGood8 says:

    I bought a friend lunch.

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Supporting Goods

A friend called me crying – She and her family were going to be without a place to live if they didn’t come up with the $2000 for a deposit on a place they finally found to rent. It took so long searching for a place- they could get that they had to live in a extended stay hotel (their landlord raised the rent so high they were forced to move) eating up the cash they needed… so I told her to meet me at the bank and pulled out the money for her so she could get the deposit in before losing the one place that they could afford, close to the area where she needs to keep her biz going and that would take them with their two beloved family pets.