500 goods for The Heroes who inspire us.

Film heroes have existed for decades, often becoming influential role models in our lives and inspiring us to follow in their footsteps. We invite you to embrace the heroism of these influential characters and bring their values to life through your actions of Good! Every time you do an act of Good, see an act of Good, or have Good done for you, share it with us here, & we may choose to share your act of Good on our Facebook page, “Heroes Within Us”! Acts of Good can be smiling at a stranger, a thank you, donating money to charity, standing up to a bully– anything! No matter what it may be, no act of Good is too big or too small, but we do encourage you to go the extra mile. Please join us and embrace the heroes within YOU! Share this Challenge on social media using the hashtag #BeAHero.

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  1. […] The woman in my life, my other half, has the kindest and most selfless and generous heart I know. And she will surely be the inspiration for countless shared acts of good in this challenge. […]

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Supporting Goods

I’m a drummer, currently playing with the Big Bill Harwell Blues Band in Michigan. We host a blues jam wherein we play a set and then other musicians can sit in. One day at the blues jam a kid, probably early twenties, was there. He had down syndrome. He was having a blast, dancing to the music. He went to Bill, the leader of the band and said he wanted to sing. Bill asked what songs he knew. With great enthusiasm he said, “George Of The Jungle.” He got on the band stand, I started in on some jungle drums, the bass player got in on the groove, and the kid let loose. He could not sing on key. He could not sing in tempo. He didn’t know all the lyrics. But he sang with passion. The crowd loved him. His sister (I think it was his sister) wept. It was one of the best gigs I’ve ever played.

I was working an Easter egg hunt for a local elementary school earlier today and a boy accidentally dropped his bag of eggs. The eggs spread across the ground and the other kids picked them up. The boy was so sad. Luckily, I had one egg in my pocket for a situation like this. I gave him the egg, but I wasn’t alone. One of his classmates noticed that he was upset so she came over and gave him one of her eggs. The rest of the class followed her example. It was extraordinary!

Last Sunday, I went to an event that was supporting my church. They had many activities you could do there. But everything was a little bit expensive because they were raising money for my church so that it could be repaired after a storm. There was a little boy there who came over to me when I was sitting on the bench. He had not looked too well at all. In fact, he wasn’t there for the event. He thought that it would be just a fun time. Little did he know, many of the things were very expensive. Luckily, I had money on me. I wanted that little boy to have a good day. I took him around the entire event. Bought him a shirt and matching sweatpants. Very nice clothes. Bought him food and drinks. I made sure this kid was taken care of. After talking to him for a while, I found out that I knew this child’s uncle because he used to work with me through some basketball training I did so that other kids could have a good chance at being great at the sport they love. So I took him over to his uncle’s house. He was really appreciative for everything I did for him. His uncle was as well. His uncle tried to pay me back for everything I’ve done to help his nephew, but I refused to take his money. I could never do that. It just felt so amazing to do something like that for someone who really needed it. I remember his uncle telling me that this child’s mother was doing some very hardcore drugs. After his uncle took a look at his nephew, he just told me that he was going to stay with him for a while until his mother got herself some help. I can’t even put into words how amazing I felt helping this child. Going through a rough time myself, it made me feel so great.