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I feel good when other people feel good. And one way I aim to inspire is simply through smiling. This little light of mine. I’m gonna let it shine. I’m challenging everyone to hand out more high-fives and generous, genuine smiles, sharing the light that each of us have inside. When we smile, we increase our life energy, our frequency of light, and literally brighten people’s day. Especially our own. Our smiles are our wings. They lift us up and give us an advantage over our fears, failures and forgetfulnesses. And – the smile is energetically connected to the heart. When we smile, we lift the lid on our heart, keeping it open for The Divine to give Her blessing, heal, and inspire us. Sound magical? It is! I believe this small, courteous, and courageous act can and will transform our world.

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  1. Goddess of Merriment says:

    I decided to say Smile and say hi to everyone in Los Angeles… a few people have almost jumped out of their skin with shock, but then smiled back with a meager UMM HI… I think it is going to catch on tho. I know I am having fun bringing a little eye contact to the big city… yikes!! :D hello fellow humans.

  2. MrazIsLove says:

    This is so true and I have been acting that way for a long time now, I think giving a smile to a stranger is amazing the feeling you get when that person smiles back at you it’s a beautiful energy sensation that goes through your body. It is healing and people tend to forget about it. Jason I think that website idea is amazing, or at least this challenge and I will do my best to do as much goods as I can. For now it’s my cat who needs goods haha asking for cuddles <3 love you Naima

  3. GratefulForMraz says:

    I screamed when I saw a man slip and fall in front of a tram. The driver heard me and managed to stop, saving the man’s life.

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Supporting Goods

Time ago, with a group of veterinarians and volunteers got together and went to the Santiago’s streets to assist dogs who are homeless, feed them, and often cure the wounds they may have, some more luck coming with us back home, finding a home that will give them lots of love and render all the attention to their needs, where they will have another life and be happy for those who are not so lucky, try to find foster homes until someone adopt them and make them part of their family, we care of our younger brothers, so much joy and love that they give us <3 .

Two years ago my father had a heart attack and he was really serious. Thank God he got better but couldn´t work and he was financially insolvent, so we turn to “jabad” a jewish asosiacion who helped him with some money . When myy father got really better I decided to give back some of the good they gave us, so I donate every month money to their account anonymously. It made me feel really great, and I also donate to other of their fundation lots of beautiful toys, to make some children happy. Because when you feel good it reflects, and spreads the right vibration. So let´s keep on spreading the good because it comes back to us multiplied. Thank you JASON for the constant inspiration.LOVE…YES!!