365 goods for Matt S.

Matt’s birthday is here! I want to celebrate the tenderhearted person he is by passing on some love and compassion in honor of him. Let’s see if we can do 365 good works in this next year of Matt’s life. That’s just one good work per day between all of us…we should be able to surpass that in no time! So drum up your wonderful and wacky ideas of how to reach out to the world of need around you, take action and make Matt proud. Matt, we love you! HAPPY BIRTHDAY! – Your fans

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  1. Anonymous says:

    wow – what a lovely challenge — i cant wait to see what your friends and their friends post in celebration of Matt!

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Supporting Goods

In my company, one of our employees is in the hospital for a heart attack and heart surgery. One of our co-workers found out that at this particular hospital, you can send e-cards thru their system, and their volunteer guild will print them out and hand-deliver them to the patients. She organized an email with the link, and sent it out to about 25 of our local staff, with the encouragement for everyone to send an e-card, thus bombarding our employee with numerous words of cheer!!