On Fri, 2-28-14, it was my birthday and I didn’t want to spend it like most other people, or myself for that matter, by being selfish so I chose to be selfless. It had been raining very hard all morning and was to continue all night which gave me an idea. I grabbed scarves, blankets, jackets and ponchos from my house and closet…anything that I had not used in the last 6 months and drove to Venice Beach Boardwalk. Once there, I laid out all items with the letters F R E E in front of the clothing. I met many people that could use warm anything. One of the men took two jackets and a blanket but not before he offered me the jacket off his back because it had begun to rain and he wanted me to stay warm. I also had an hour conversation with a homeless gentleman named Coach and hung out with his puppy. You’ll notice a green scarf on Coach. It was an amazing way to spend my birthday. So thankful for the amazing life I have.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I love your posts – they’re inspiring.
    …happy belated bday….

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