My nephew, a Junior at Boulder High in Colorado chooses to sit everyday at lunch with the students from the “Special Education Classes” . The gamut at this table runs from students with slight social issues to the severely mentally and physically impaired. Since my nephew is bi-lingual , he makes it a point to converse in Spanish with one young Hispanic girl, who, in a wheel chair, is so physically challenged she must have an aid help her eat. When he first began speaking to her , her eyes widened and she gave a big smile. After a few days she mustered the words (in Spanish) to ask him …”if she could tell her Mom about him?”… Of course he said SURE! My nephew never even told his own Mom, my sister, that he was doing this every day. A few weeks later at a parent – teacher conference my sister attended , a shy young mother approached her. Relieved when she realized my sister spoke Spanish as well, she told her how thankful she was that my nephew sat and spoke with her daughter every day. She said …” The difference in my daughter now is amazing. She laughs, she smiles and she recounts the stories your son shares with her. She looks forward to going to school and getting ready in the morning to get her there is no longer a struggle.All this because one person, your son, chose to slow down and take the time to notice her and to share. Thank you for raising a boy with such kindness.” As you can imagine, my sister was at a loss for words…but not for tears.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    This is making me smile and cry and kiss the ground you and your family walk on! WOWOWOWOW thank you

  2. LoCamp says:

    Yes, in this day and age it is amazing that my nephew’s act of random kindness is the exception and not the norm…Yet! He’s a great kid though and gives me hope , everyday, for the future.

  3. Goddess of Merriment says:

    Dear LO, That takes such character, self esteem and courage not to mention kindness for a teenager to risk “what the other kids might think” by sitting with the “special kids” and then to be so aware to speak in spanish and share stories. I just read this to my hubby and we are both tearing up. He said “can you put this on AnonymousGood?” and i said “that is where I’m reading it from” :) Thank you for sharing this, inspiring us, and for having such an amazing nephew!! I bet his aunt is super cool!!

  4. Sara Tonin says:

    I love this… it should be the next teenage movie “Super Awesome Kid”
    btw- LOCAMP you are a really great writer!

  5. IFeelHappy says:

    This is such a great GOOD story, definitely a tear jerker! Makes me want to be a better person.

  6. AGAPEGIRL says:

    That is a great story, Thanx for sharing that!

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