Thanks to BIGGIRLBRITCHES, the Travelling Scarf is spreading goodness and beauty across the US! It was such a pleasure to give this scarf to the first lovely lady who said “Oooh, beauuuutiful scarf.” The only thing more lovely was the look on her face when I placed it in her hands.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    so so so cool…where did you get the scarf? Do you know where it is going?
    Love this – so inspiring!

  2. Jolasa says:

    BigGirlBritches gave it to me after I complimented how lovely it was on her. It was such a kindness, I almost cried! She had a beautiful vision of this being an Anonymous Good traveling scarf, spreading joy (and beautiful fashion!) throughout it’s life… I just LOVED the idea, so I gave it to the first person who complimented it when I wore it, and shared it’s history and this challenge. Can’t wait for the next post to see where it goes next!

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