30 goods for Mr. Awesome

A Collegue I worked with years ago just lost his 7 year old son in an “freak” accident. There have been pictures of “Mr. Awesome” all over facebook–so beautiful, so spirited, so full of light. I didn’t know this child–but they are all our children. I am pledging to do acts of good every day for the next month in Mr. Awesome’s name. Anyone can join me. Sarting today I am sending money to his school.

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Supporting Goods

Feeling inspired by an amazing 24 year old Pakistani girl, Khalida Brohi. At 16 she saw a friend killed by a mob because she married the man she loved, not the one that was picked for her by the tribe. Instead of becoming angry and bitter, Khalida turned her pain into love in action. Today she is helping a million Pakistani girls and women gain the skills they need to live lives of dignity. Listening to Khalida I was reminded (yet again!!) what an AWESOME difference we can all make. Just like Mr. Awesome

I work with a guy who builds killer custom motor cycles. He acts like he doesn’t care about anything or anyone, but it is just an act. The truth is this guy is one of the most charitable people I know. Even though he has no money and builds every bike by hand, he donates most of them to charity. Recently he stoped his own work to build a bike for breast cancer, then stopped his own project again to customize a bike for a friend who had been in a bad accident. Pretty Awesome!