I have an expanded thought about the Good that this site provides me. Keeping balance and forward motion eat my time but simultaneously I feel an existential angst about the World Need. Prior to posting on this site I felt that my small acts of good were worthwhile-ish but didn’t really do much to relieve the Planetary Pain Body. That thought always zaps my energy and subtley weighs me down. I can actually feel it drag on my brain chemicals and dim my light. What this site has done for me is many-fold. It has shown me that my small acts of Good do matter, especially when combined with the overall group intention. This site has somewhat boosted my appraisal of how I am managing this incarnation because I realize now that I am a grateful cog in a beautiful wheel of humans striving to make a difference. Despite the usual time responsibilities, posting here has increased my energy to do more Good because I’m inspired. Plus its really a lot of fun to be in the Goodness Bubble. I also feel that this site lifts my spirits first thing in the morning because it’s delightful to read what everyone is doing and posting. It reassures me that magic is afoot and Goodness is, in fact, breaking out all over. The conceivers of this site caught a great idea and I’m really grateful to everyone working to make it happen. Peace and Blessings from the City of Angels.

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  1. Nicole says:

    This is incredibly beautiful! Love reading your words and Goods. Thank you for all you share.

  2. Sara Tonin says:

    wow !!! you are inspiring me to be more ritualistic/ methodical about posting and reading other posts!! i am going to commit to making it a habit…thanks for your great shares!

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