i bought food and water for a homeless man, and gave him $10. And then…i spoke with him. I engaged him in conversation, and HEARD him. I put it in caps, because what many of us don’t realise is just how cut-off and isolated these brothers and sisters feel. They are passed-by, ignored, even avoided. They feel invisible.A simple act of engagement, looking in their eyes, a handshake, a hug. These things we take for granted are powerful medicine for those to whom they aren’t. It’s Love. tommyd

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  1. Anonymous says:

    The power of being truly seen ans heard can never be underestimated. What a great GOOD you did! Inspiring!

  2. AGAPEGIRL says:

    wow you are so right. I can going to be more mindful of the sensitivities of the homeless thanks to your post. Good for you and thanks for what you did. :)

  3. iheartbob says:

    I love that you did that. It is one of my favorite things to do. I recently met a homeless man who told me things about the universe I had not know before.

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