I saw an elderly woman with a walker struggling to get down the block, then she just stopped. I asked her if she needed help and she pointed at a door that was a few steps away. I went to hold the door, but there was a step and she couldn’t step up to enter the store. An employee then came and helped me, and then another person passing by suggested that we get behind the elderly woman and lift her up over the step, while the employee held her hands and kept her steady in the front. Between the three of us, we got her up that step and as I walked away, I thought, “Wow…that was pretty awesome to see the community coming together a bit here in the city.”

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  1. Anonymous says:

    This is GREAT! love the way you tell the story! Thanks!

  2. AGAPEGIRL says:

    You story really warms my heart. I can totally picture it. Thank you for participating in that good act and thanx for sharing that story. :)

  3. Sara Tonin says:

    my heart is exploding… thank you for being someone who would do that and then for sharing it!! i know this GOOD thang is going to be contagious !! xoxo

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