I was eating at a cafe & feeling kinda lonely. I am a single 39 year old female & often eat alone observing all the other tables interacting. I had also noticed 2 other older men each sitting alone. I remembered a quote from a movie, “if we are all, all alone, we are together in that”. So I asked my waiter for their checks & paid each of their tabs. One man came up to me in shock with his beautiful blue eyes full of tears & he asked why, you must have just gotten off the plane from somewhere else. I replied I just wanted you to know you are not alone & I want you to enjoy your day! He was speechless, but the tears of gratitude said enough.

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  1. AGAPEGIRL says:

    wow your act of good is really moving! Thank you for doing and sharing that. :)

  2. slacker pilgrim says:

    This makes me happy to be on the planet! Thanks for being who you are…and sharing so we all get inspired!

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