#Good4_Lucy’s Super Sweet 16!

16 goods for Lucy

My beautiful dog Lucy turned 16 years old today. She has given me 16 years of unconditional love. I want my friends (and Lucy’s friends) to be inspired by the pure love we get from our pets. I challenge all of you to do something nice in Lucy’s honor, and post about it on Anonymous Good. 16 acts of good (or more!) over the next 16 days to celebrate unconditional love!

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Supporting Goods

Last weekend, I hired a Viet Nam vet to do some weed removal at my mountain cabin. It was great for me, because I didn’t have to do the work myself, and he told me it was great for him too, because he really needed the money. I decided to keep the good going, so I also hired him to do our next door neighbor’s weeds (she’s a really good neighbor). And then at the end of the day, I paid him more than he asked for, which made him happy and made me feel great. It was good all around!

My husband Tom and I received a wonderful gift of charity when we were displaced due to a kitchen fire. We stayed at the only pet-friendly hotel in the area with our 2 cats and the American Red Cross was the only agency that could offer any benefit. When we went to the front desk to inquire about the extended-stay room rate charges, we were told that someone phoned the hotel and paid for the previous night stay. We didn’t even know someone could DO THAT ! We had told many people where we were staying, but we did not know that one generous person wanted that information so they could do this for us. It was a wonderful surprise. We were overwhelmed by the kindness of family & friends.

As Lucy is my friend, I will share a story of good that my dog (also Lucy’s friend ) Gabe and I performed. Recently, Gabe and I were hiking in one of the places where we hike in the Santa Monica MTS. As we began our hike other hikers told us of a medium sized white dog that had broken free and was running scared. The owners were at the top and didn’t know what to do. We were well into our hike when we could see the white dog running towards us,He avoided me ,big time.As he approached us Gabe went into action, he approached the dog who was scared and therefore skittish but Gabe won him over and they began chatting. As they chatted ,I was able to approach the dog and put him on Gabe’s leash. With that, we ended our hike early and walked Sophie back to her very happy owners!! Gabe was soooooo proud.

Today, while driving along the back roads of our little vacation town, I noticed a pedestrian who looked very very lost. I stopped my car and asked her where she was going. She named a street that I wasn’t familiar with. When I looked at my map, I saw that she had made a major wrong turn. I offered to drive her back to her friend’s home, but she said she was enjoying the walk. Then I explained she had about 45 minutes of more walking ahead of her. And then she accepted the ride! It’s kind of a scary thing to do, to offer or accept a ride with a stranger. But I’m glad we were both brave. We had a lovely talk, and I won’t soon forget our meeting!