We did a good without getting caught! YAY! My lovely husband noticed that the table next to us was celebrating an anniversary. It turns out the couple has been married 48 years.[Hard to imagine because they look  no  more than 40] Friends, a granddaughter and great-grandbaby were on hand to celebrate. We snuck out after my husband paid for their dinner without them knowing and left an AnonymousGood.org card for the waitress to give them.. HOW FUN IS THIS? AG strikes again. Redondo Beach has its GOOD ON! [PS - I hope this photo is right side up...it's always an adventure on this site.]

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  1. Sara Tonin says:

    sorry I missed that!! How sweet and lovely and cool you had the card to leave behind!!
    I need some cards :)

  2. This is sooooo cool!!! Love this!

  3. AGAPEGIRL says:

    wow oh wow that is so fabulous!!!!!!

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