49 goods for seekers everywhere

SLACKER PILGRIMS UNITE: We are walking 500 miles on a pilgrimage across France and Spain that people have walked since the middle ages. We invite anyone on the Camino de Santiago [or any other pilgrimage of the foot or heart] to share the acts of Good they witness or do …you get extra pilgrim points for humor!

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Supporting Goods

We met a Spanish Family doing such good things. The parents were taking their children on a long bike ride across Spain for adventure, family togetherness, learning about their country and themselves. It was inspiring. The mom was trying to get the family in a photo before they all rode off one morning. I offered to take one of the family – cuz Moms are rarely in these shots. Later on we passed them as they were pushing their bikes up a steep hill. The dad was also pulling a cart on his bike with the family’s gear. He was struggling. I started pushing the bike from behind – it was a lot faster to the top! And it felt so good to help him out in my teeny tiny way.