I was eating breakfast at a restaurant today and a man with some form of disabled motor skills was trying to snap on his fanny back and struggling with it, he seemed healthy and conscious but whatever was ailing his upper body motor skills made it difficult for him to reach around his back. It was going on for a while and I couldn’t stand watching him struggle with it while I was sitting right there with hands that could do it in a second, I jumped up and asked if I could help snap it for him, he resigned and said thank you, and I quickly snapped and tightened it till it was good and went back to my seat saying “I’m glad to be useful” as he was thanking me again. I felt exactly that, really glad to be useful.. Activated my spirit of help and the energy of compassion.. which i really needed this morning actually..

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  1. slacker pilgrim says:

    Beyond cool. Love your challege!

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