What a Blessing this tour has been! Luc and The Lovingtons are halfway through The Goodness Tour and it has been such an enlightening, joy filled circus of Love energy and Compassion! We have learned and been touched by the genius and stories of the Legends we have met. We wanted to share some of what we have experienced as well as the story of how it all started. So here it is, The Goodness Tour: Luc and The Lovingtons On A Mission. ENJOY!

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  1. Nicole says:

    Love what you guys are doing! Truly incredible. We also published your video here for the Anonymous Good tribe: http://anonymousgood.org/2014/09/compassion-gives-you-power/

  2. Goddess of Merriment says:

    have mad love for you LOVINGTONS!!! see you in LA!! xoxo

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