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Luc & The Lovingtons are on #TheGoodnessTour ! We’ll be bringing so much Goodness and invite you too! The Goodness Tour will be 3 weeks long, Sept. 11th – 30th, thus we are committed to 5 goods a week, that’s 15 goods! We challenge anyone in the AG community to match us! We will be playing for the homeless all along the West coast, but we are also looking for suggestions of Goods we can accomplish on our Facebook page. Your grandma needs some music to cheer her up? Your friend is stuck in his house w a broken leg? Let us know and we can be the harbingers of musical Goodness into their lives! More on #TheGoodnessTour coming your way in the next few days, visit us on FB to send us a Good challenge www.facebook.com/lucandthelovingtons Blessings!

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  1. Goddess of Merriment says:

    love you guys!!! this is incredible!! we are watching and following your example!

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Supporting Goods

What a Blessing this tour has been! Luc and The Lovingtons are halfway through The Goodness Tour and it has been such an enlightening, joy filled circus of Love energy and Compassion! We have learned and been touched by the genius and stories of the Legends we have met. We wanted to share some of what we have experienced as well as the story of how it all started. So here it is, The Goodness Tour: Luc and The Lovingtons On A Mission. ENJOY!

We just played Dignity Village in Portland and we were just just floored by the warmth and gratitude from the residents there for the music and our presence. They even Blessed our painter Ben with paint! DV is the oldest ‘tent’ camp in the U.S. although they no longer use tents, as they have hand built houses there and some even have solar power! The folks there really knew how to utilize all of their resources and build their treasures from within. We now have friends there for life, so Blessed. Ashland, Oregon here we come as #TheGoodnessTour keeps on rolling!

I was eating breakfast at a restaurant today and a man with some form of disabled motor skills was trying to snap on his fanny back and struggling with it, he seemed healthy and conscious but whatever was ailing his upper body motor skills made it difficult for him to reach around his back. It was going on for a while and I couldn’t stand watching him struggle with it while I was sitting right there with hands that could do it in a second, I jumped up and asked if I could help snap it for him, he resigned and said thank you, and I quickly snapped and tightened it till it was good and went back to my seat saying “I’m glad to be useful” as he was thanking me again. I felt exactly that, really glad to be useful.. Activated my spirit of help and the energy of compassion.. which i really needed this morning actually..

I played music at a hospital for my birthday, totally improvisational, the guards let us in and said to play in the cafeteria for all to hear, the group of hospital residents having dinner while we where there all sang along, smiles and tapping slippers, a man and his two kids who’s mom was upstairs healing from a major operation had big bright smiles and said we made their day… It was a sweet moment and the music was played with a group of some of my closest friends… What a sweet birthday…