Army Veteran Gives Goodness


Lauren Super was on her way to work one morning, but first she had to drop her daughter off at daycare. The wintery conditions meant the roads were icy, and Lauren felt her minivan start to slide. Pretty soon, it slid off the road altogether.

“I was terrified as the vehicle careened down an embankment and came to a stop precariously in a yard full of trees. I was so grateful the van hadn’t overturned, but we were at such an angle that it was difficult for me to even push my car door open,” she said.

Her daughter was still strapped into her car seat on the passenger side and Lauren feared that if she moved to reach her daughter, the minivan would only slide further.

As Lauren searched for possible solutions, an older man driving a black pickup truck stopped at the side of the road and not only helped Lauren get out, but made sure she could get her daughter out without any problems. He even made sure both mother and daughter stayed warm in his own vehicle while Lauren called her husband, AAA, and her workplace.

The man who helped her, George, was an Army veteran who insisted it was no trouble at all, but Lauren knows there aren’t words for the reassurance his presence offered her.

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Image by: Bert Kaufmann

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