The Ties That Bind Us  


A young man rushed into a Target store in Raleigh just before his job interview at Chick-Fil-A. He was searching for a clip-on-tie but, alas, the store only carried regular ties and he didn’t know how to tie one.

Employee Dennis Roberts stopped what he was doing and showed the young man not only how to tie a proper tie, but also helped him practice his handshake and reviewed through interview questions.

“As the kid exited the store, a bunch of supportive Target team members cheered him on!” One shopper shared.

“Some might call it Southern manners,” Erin Powell of WCNC wrote. “Others would say it’s just plain humanity.”

No word yet on whether the interview was a success, but, given that this story has reached around the world, it certainly has a success all its own.

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Photo by David Wright

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