A Tire & A Terrific Act Of Good


In Holland, Ohio, Cortney Bennett was having a bad day: “I almost got fired on the first day of my new job because my car wasn’t starting; after work I decided to go to Tireman,” she explained. When the mechanic told Cortney the repairs needed would cost $100, she walked out of the shop with tears in her eyes, knowing she couldn’t afford it.

A police officer who had taken his department vehicle to the same shop for servicing, noted Cortney’s obvious distress and asked what was the matter and Cortney explained everything. Then something unexpected happened.

“He just dropped a hundred dollar bill in my lap, and he walked away before I could even see his name tag and say thank you,” Cortney said.

Cortney hopes to cross paths with him again one day, just to thank him and let him know how much his Act of Good meant to her.

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Image by: Leland Francisco

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