A Cup Of Custard & The Kindness Of A Stranger


A little boy nervously approached the counter of an eatery in Katy, Texas, ready to order a mini mint oreo custard. The little boy handed Travis Sattler, the cashier, all the money he had. Unfortunately, it wasn’t enough. He was two whole dollars short.

But Travis wasn’t about to let the boy go without his dessert. “It’s on me,” he said, pulling out his own credit card.

“He had the biggest eyes,” Travis remembers, “the widest smile.”

A mere half hour later, the little boy came back over to Travis and handed him a note right before he and his mom left the establishment.

The note read, “Thank you for being so nice and paying for my custard. We need more people like you.”

But that wasn’t all. Wrapped up inside the note was a $100 bill, which Travis intends to set aside for nursing school.

“I like to think that I made a good impact on their day, and I kind of brightened it up, just like they did mine,” Travis said.

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Image by: Jon Ashcroft 

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