Conveyor Belt Kindness


Lisa Gallagher of Bethel Park, Pennsylvania, set her groceries on the conveyor belt at a local grocery store then opened her purse to retrieve her debit card. By the time the cashier finished ringing up her items, Lisa had grown frantic. The checkout line was long, and Lisa still hadn’t found her debit card.

As per the cashier’s guidance, Lisa decided to step aside till she found her card, and the cashier would complete the transaction when Lisa was ready.

When Lisa found her card and returned to the cashier, she was told that the woman in line behind her had paid for her groceries. A very surprised Lisa thanked the woman and asked if she could pay for the woman’s groceries in return. The woman politely refused.

As Lisa later said: “I would like to thank her from the bottom of my heart for her kindness. Her generosity made my day! My plan is to pay it forward.”

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Image by: Cyn74

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