From Barefoot To Brand New


29 year-old Oscar Aquino, manager of a Metro PCS store, noticed a homeless man sitting outside eating crackers and drinking a soda. Then Oscar spotted the man’s dirty, cut-up feet, so he went outside and asked what the man’s shoe size was.

Without any hesitation, Oscar took off his own brand new shoes and handed them to the man. He then returned to the store and went back to work (barefoot?).

Unbeknownst to Oscar, the Act of Good was caught on camera by Carla Rose who witnessed the incident and posted it on Facebook, where it quickly went viral.

As Oscar later told his fiancée, Keysi Ramos, “Anyone can end up like that one day. I’m blessed that I can buy myself another pair.”

See More of this Story by Vicky Benchimol at ABC Action News Here!

 Image by: Craig Sunter

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