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Ruth Phaviset cares for her fellow humans. She has spent a lot of her life helping her family, taking care of her mother (before her mother passed away in 2012), and, as a certified nurse assistant, she’s cared for many patients. Ruth is all of 18 years old.

In her own words, Ruth admits, “I can never go a day without taking care of somebody.”

Ruth, in all her acts of selflessness, never really had a typical high school experience. For that reason, she was very much looking forward to her senior prom. But given the high cost of attending prom—dress, makeup, etc.—Ruth couldn’t afford it.

Then the tables turned. “Pearls for Girls,” an organization aimed at providing young women all they would need for prom, helped Ruth and more than 30 other girls by providing free dresses, shoes, accessories, and gift cards, all donated by local residents and businesses.

After all of Ruth’s giving, she got something back that went well beyond just a dress. She received the gift of an experience.

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