Not Inspired To Do Good Deeds Today? It’s Okay. Try Reading About Good.


Doing Acts of Good feels good. We know this, we know that science supports this.

We’re also loving that science tells us that, through participation with an Act of Good—be it through giving, receiving, witnessing, or even reading about Acts of Good—our brains are stimulated in the same way.

A recent article in The New Yorker states: “Since the discovery, in the mid-nineties, of “mirror neurons”—neurons that fire in our brains both when we perform an action ourselves and when we see an action performed by someone else—the neuroscience of empathy has become clearer. A 2011 study published in the Annual Review of Psychology, based on analysis of fMRI brain scans of participants, showed that, when people read about an experience, they display stimulation within the same neurological regions as when they go through that experience themselves.” [emphasis added]

Anonymous Good was created with this science in mind. Plus it explains why we all feel so good reading everyone’s Acts of Good. (Job benefit!) Additionally, there is something to be said for reading what makes you feel good…but that’s another topic. Best not to get me started. :)

Read more of the article by Ceridwen Dovey in The New Yorker here.

Image by: Nasir Nasrallah



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