Awe, Appreciation, & Generosity


Ever stop and stare at a tree? A flower? The stars? Try it. It might help you feel even the smallest sense of awe. And, as a recent study by UC Berkeley and UC Irvine shows us, being in a state of awe can lead you to being more generous, more compassionate, and provide a sense of connectedness.

According to Paul Piff, Assistant Professor of Psychology and Social Behavior at UC Irvine, participants in the study reported that after feeling a sense of awe, they experienced “a reduced sense of self importance relative to something larger and more powerful that they felt connected to.”

And these feelings of awe and connection proved impactful when taken to the street, so to speak. Participants were more helpful, held a greater sense of ethical responsibility, and triggered more generous behavior.

So go ahead, go stand in awe today. We dare you. :)

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Image by Moyan Brenn

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