Good Words, Good Deeds


We talk a lot about how acts of Good are important, but sometimes it’s a few simple words that are a Good deed. Like when a female writer in Egypt expressed on Twitter to her inspiration, J.K. Rowling, that as a woman, she doesn’t have the same freedoms that men have and that people laughed at her when she told them she was a writer.

Ms. Rowling’s response? “Don’t you dare let their laughter extinguish your ambition. Turn it into fuel! Big hugs from one writer to another x.”

Powerful stuff– especially given that these two women, presumably, have never met. May we keep in mind that our words have power, and may we use it *wisely.

*Bonus points if they help women kick ass.

Read more of this story by Kimberly Yam at the Huffington Post here.

Image by: Lukasz Porwol


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