Meditate…& Tie Up Your Horse


There are many sayings such as “treat and move your feet” or “meditate and tie up your horse” (my personal favorite) that remind us to go inward, connect, AND act.

So in the interest of that sentiment, here’s an article about connecting with kindness through meditation and visualization. As the piece states, “By practicing loving-kindness meditation, you can learn to see the lives of others as related to your own. This doesn’t mean you must like everybody, or agree with everything they do. It means you can open up to the possibility of caring for others not just because you like them, admire them, or are indebted to them, but because your lives are inextricably linked.” 

Now once you’ve got the kindness momentum flowing, try doing an act of Good! (You knew we’d bring it back around.) Recognize the acts of Good that others do, that you do, and share those acts on where your Good will go on and continue doing great things.

While we’re not into instruction here at Anonymous Good–we’ll leave that to the experts–we are into spreading and amplifying the kindness that you do. So go ahead, get your Good on.

And I can only speak for myself but whenever I’m at the ol’ saloon meditating, I always tie up my horse, which definitely qualifies as an act of Good. :)

Read more about the Kindness Meditation by Sharon Salzberg on here.

Image by: Mia K.

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