Random Acts of Enchantment


Marla Must, a photographer in Birmingham, Mich., started a fun project that she dubbed Ms. Must’s Random Acts of Enchantment. Being a family photographer, she’s heard many children speak negatively about themselves and she wanted to do something to replace that self-harming script.

First she provided a group of girls a free photo shoot that kept in focus inclusion and kindness. Then she asked those girls to pay it forward with acts of Good—sit with a lonely kid at lunch, etc.

As of last count, Ms. Must has donated her time and efforts for over 24 photo shoots with kids and teens in Michigan, Chicago, Florida, and Toledo and had this to say about the experience:  “[Paying it forward] teaches them empathy. When they feel what it feels like to give kindness from the heart, it’s empowering for them. They feel good about themselves.”

The project is even turning a light toward the dark torture chamber of bullying. “I’m targeted all the time,” 15-year-old Delaney Esper said. “I’m doing this because I want to help other girls.”

Read more about this project and the full story by RoNeisha Mullen at the Toledo Blade here!

Note that the image by Ran Allen is not of Ms. Must in the story, but rather a girl taking a photo with a cool vintage camera. We thought it was cool anyway. :) 

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