Children Aren’t Coloring Books


A little ballerina, a mere 12-years old, in Bucharest, poses in her pink tutu in the urban streets amidst pigeons and other urban jungle interruptions. She’s been dancing for five years, works hard and is dedicated to the art of dance, and today, she has a belly ache. But, because the show must go on, she uses inner determination to push on.

A Romanian photographer, Mihai-Cristian Andrei, captured the beautiful moment as part of a project he calls “Urban Swan.”

“She wants to share with the world what can be achieved through hard work and dedication,” Andrei said of the ballerina. “The whole experience was a big lesson for me. [She] showed me that she’s not dreaming for success but working hard for it even though she is only a child.”

The goal of the photo shoot? To help inspire people–especially children–to work toward their passions.

“Children aren’t coloring books. You don’t get to fill them with your favorite colors,” Andrei told the Huffington Post. “Believe in them, guide them, and give them the opportunity and with their passion they can move mountains.”

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Image by Tibbygirl

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