Clever Kid


An eleven-year-old New Brunswick boy decided that his goal for the summer would be to raise awareness about the environment and to lead by example, hoping people would walk and bicycle more and drive less.

So he set off, raising almost $2,500 and walking from Fredericton to Sussex (approx. 100 miles) to bring light to the issue. The money was an afterthought his mother said, and the primary issue her son desired to address was living more sustainably–striving for clean air and creating less pollution.

“I did an online fundraiser because I wanted to walk 100 miles to raise money for the environment and to show people how easy it is to walk to school, work, stores or anywhere else in a radius less than a few miles,” the boy said.

And to top it off, when a reporter approached him for an interview, he granted it under one condition: no cars were to be used in the facilitation of the meeting on account of it being counterproductive.

Smart, action-oriented, passionate, and clever…very clever kid. :)

Read more of this story by Danielle Boudreau on Yahoo News here!

Image by Martin Cathrae


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