Fighting For Life With Love

AG_linda and gabe family portrait

Sometimes we touch each others lives in ways that go well beyond pleasantries and dip into helping a fellow human fight for their life. Sometimes all it takes is a bit of kindness, compassion, and loving attention to help someone feel good. Oh, and sometimes it means starting an awesome ripple of Goodness that leads back to that person who may need it most. (Keep reading. Trust me.)

Two of our Anonymous Good tribe members dine at the same Mexican restaurant almost every week and have been doing so for years. They’ve come to consider the staff as family and Gabe, one of the many waiters they adore, loves to share stories and photos of his wife Linda and their darling son.

Continuing the happiness, Gabe shared that his wife was pregnant. Smiles and joy all around. That was 8 months ago.

Then more recently, our two Anonymous Good tribe members went back to their favorite spot and instead of Gabe sliding over to their table, eager to show the latest family pictures, he headed over with a different story to tell.

The love of his life, 28-year-old Linda, pregnant with their second child, was diagnosed with lymphoma. What would they do? What treatment wouldn’t hurt the baby? What did all of it mean?

Gabe expressed love and hope, and said of his wife, “She has a great attitude and it just gives me so much joy to see her better and positive and faithful, she looks so beautiful, and I thank God for every day I see her smile again. She is the love of my life and my best friend, and can’t think of the idea of living without her. I have faith that God will let her be with us for many many years to come.”

Linda, in an incredible act of generosity, even though she’s been feeling fatigued and weak, decided to cut off and donate her long locks of hair to charity before it fell out as she was told it would.

The amazing beauty of this family goes on and on.

So wanting to help in some way, our tribe members decided to do an awesome Act of Good. They shared that STARTING NOW, they are collecting cards, letters, little notes that share prayers, good thoughts, or words of inspiration and faith for Gabe and Linda and their family.

See? Awesome.

We can all participate and help make Gabe and Linda’s day a little brighter. Here’s how:

1. Grab a postcard, notecard, or piece of paper

2. Write a few (or many!) words of hope, a prayer, a poem, a happy face doodle, a favorite quote, a silly joke, anything positive (and/or fun or funny)

3. Put a stamp on it

4. Mail it to:

Linda and Gabriel Abundez


4025 Spencer St #104

Torrance, Ca. 90503

All of the notes and cards will be read by Gabe to his wife Linda as she undergoes chemo therapy.

Now that’s a BIG act of Good we can all be part of TODAY.

linda showing off Abigial - soon to make an appearance Linda and little gabe

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