Anything Is Possible When…

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Sometimes it’s good to simply stir the mind, to ask it questions that open new pathways in our brains. And with that in mind, Barney’s New York just revealed new window installations with the starter statements: “Anything is possible when…”

The thought-provoking window displays are in place to celebrate the International Day of the Girl, which serves to raise awareness for girls’ rights on a global level, and will be up across 15 stores until October 14th.

And if you want to get involved and share your own #GirlPossible statement, here’s how:

  1. On a piece of paper, write the message, “Anything is possible when ____________.” And fill in the blank with your answer.
  2. Snap a pic holding your message.
  3. Share the photo on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook using the hashtags #GirlPossible and #IDG2015. Also, be sure to tag @BarneysNYOfficial and @TheGirlsLounge.
  4. Tag your heroes—anyone who inspires you—to nominate them to take part as well.

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Image by: Twitter user @BarneysNY

*By the way, we are not endorsing Barney’s New York in any way, nor were we paid to share this article. However, if Barney’s would like to send us some fabulous ensembles, we would not be opposed. :)


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