This Would-Be Bride Hosts A $35K Wedding Reception For Homeless

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What does a woman do when her fiancé calls off their wedding the day before their nuptials? She invites the homeless to a paid-for $35k reception, of course.

When 27-year-old Quinn Duane called her mom to tell her the news, that her fiancé had changed his mind and didn’t want to get married, Quinn’s family leaped into action. Non-refundable deposits had been put down on everything from food to flowers, and the freshly single woman decided to host the party anyway–for homeless people.

The flowers went to a nursing home, the invitations to a lavish dinner went out to homeless shelters in the surrounding areas. And while the reason for the event was devastating, the Duane family ended up feeding roughly 90 homeless men, women, and children.

“To lose out on something so important to yourself and then give it to someone else is really giving, really kind,” Erika Craycraft, an attendee of the dinner told reporters once word got out.

Read more of this story (and view the video) by Dominique Mosbergen on The Huffington Post here!

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