Words From The Window Seat

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We all need a little pick-me-up-now and then. And where better to receive this than after schlepping luggage through an airport, rushing to our gate, waiting with herds of people, then finally making it onto our flight?

Taylor Tippett, a flight attendant, decided to start spreading kindness, one note at a time. She now leaves “pick me up” notes for passengers lucky enough to snag a window seat on one of her flights. Some of the notes read: “Be the reason someone feels loved,” “Be kind to yourself,” “Remember your courage,” and “You’re actually wonderful.”

“If I’m not encouraging and inspiring others, what am I doing with my life?” Taylor says in a video about her acts of kindness. “What am I doing with my time here? For my voice to matter, and for other people to connect or feel loved or feel understood or heard, that’s all that mattes to me.”

And now she’s inspiring others to make kindness matter. The hashtag #WordsFromTheWindowSeat is a trending topic on Instagram, with users sharing snaps of notes of kindness they’ve left for strangers.

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Image: Instagram user Taylor Tippett (@taylortippett)

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