Recently our nephew Jeff’s baby was born 3 months premature in Ensenada, Mexico with blocked bowels. He was transported up to Rady Children’s Hospital for 7 weeks. Today he is 6 months old and weighs 11 lbs and is happy to be back with his family in Mexico. This could not have happened without the many acts of kindness of people who treated him, provided funds to transport him by ambulance to the border and then get him to Rady. The nurses and doctors worked miracles on this little one. My daughter and I spent hours holding him and providing love because his mother was not able to come into the states. When he got out of the hospital, it was put on Facebook that this family needed help and within 2 days, we had car seats, a bed, clothes, diapers for the first six months, formula and gifts of all kinds. Such joy fills our hearts for this out pouring of love and support.

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