Something good happened to me quite a few years today, but today I saw the woman who touched my life in such a remarkable way, that it changed the course of my life. Today, I got to thank her and tell her how her empathy and thoughtfulness touched my life. I was in the teaching credential program at SDSU becoming a teacher after being a stay at home mom for our children. One of our children was finding life challenging and I felt the need to take time out of the program to be with him. I could have been suspended out of the program, but my angel felt what I needed to do and put herself in my shoes and never reported me to her superiors. She supported me through this difficult time with notes and words of kindness and I graduated with my class to become a teacher. Because of her, I have been able to touch the lives of my students. I am forever grateful for her acts of kindness and so very happy that she now knows how she made a difference in my life. Dot was an educator and knew how teachers impact the lives of their students. Dot shared with me the wisdom of her knowledge and encouraged me, just as my angel did so many years ago.

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