Anonymous Goods

This is my favorite GOOD ever!!!!!! It was beyond inspiring today as I saw hundreds — literally HUNDREDS of Acts of Good get posted by Deer Meadow School in Olds, Canada. Is it in the water up there that so many people do so much good? The goods make you smile, laugh and sometimes cry for the kindness people are sharing. WOW! Thank you for YOU! There was no chance they would fall — they were determined to FLY and they did…soaring still and always!

We did a good without getting caught! YAY! My lovely husband noticed that the table next to us was celebrating an anniversary. It turns out the couple has been married 48 years.[Hard to imagine because they look  no  more than 40] Friends, a granddaughter and great-grandbaby were on hand to celebrate. We snuck out after my husband paid for their dinner without them knowing and left an card for the waitress to give them.. HOW FUN IS THIS? AG strikes again. Redondo Beach has its GOOD ON! [PS - I hope this photo is right side's always an adventure on this site.]

An elderly woman was walking with a child that was misbehaving and hitting her. I asked if I could help and directly spoke to the child and let him know he should not be behaving that way. We walked together for several blocks and the child stopped misbehaving while I was there. She was crying and thanked me. I tried to encourage her and give her some jewels I’ve learned when working with difficult children. It reminded me that it truly does take a village to raise a child. As soon as he saw someone else was involved and she wasn’t alone….he was embarrassed and stopped misbehaving and hitting.

My husband Tom and I received a wonderful gift of charity when we were displaced due to a kitchen fire. We stayed at the only pet-friendly hotel in the area with our 2 cats and the American Red Cross was the only agency that could offer any benefit. When we went to the front desk to inquire about the extended-stay room rate charges, we were told that someone phoned the hotel and paid for the previous night stay. We didn’t even know someone could DO THAT ! We had told many people where we were staying, but we did not know that one generous person wanted that information so they could do this for us. It was a wonderful surprise. We were overwhelmed by the kindness of family & friends.

I was eating at a cafe & feeling kinda lonely. I am a single 39 year old female & often eat alone observing all the other tables interacting. I had also noticed 2 other older men each sitting alone. I remembered a quote from a movie, “if we are all, all alone, we are together in that”. So I asked my waiter for their checks & paid each of their tabs. One man came up to me in shock with his beautiful blue eyes full of tears & he asked why, you must have just gotten off the plane from somewhere else. I replied I just wanted you to know you are not alone & I want you to enjoy your day! He was speechless, but the tears of gratitude said enough.

I saw an elderly woman with a walker struggling to get down the block, then she just stopped. I asked her if she needed help and she pointed at a door that was a few steps away. I went to hold the door, but there was a step and she couldn’t step up to enter the store. An employee then came and helped me, and then another person passing by suggested that we get behind the elderly woman and lift her up over the step, while the employee held her hands and kept her steady in the front. Between the three of us, we got her up that step and as I walked away, I thought, “Wow…that was pretty awesome to see the community coming together a bit here in the city.”

i bought food and water for a homeless man, and gave him $10. And then…i spoke with him. I engaged him in conversation, and HEARD him. I put it in caps, because what many of us don’t realise is just how cut-off and isolated these brothers and sisters feel. They are passed-by, ignored, even avoided. They feel invisible.A simple act of engagement, looking in their eyes, a handshake, a hug. These things we take for granted are powerful medicine for those to whom they aren’t. It’s Love. tommyd

I have an expanded thought about the Good that this site provides me. Keeping balance and forward motion eat my time but simultaneously I feel an existential angst about the World Need. Prior to posting on this site I felt that my small acts of good were worthwhile-ish but didn’t really do much to relieve the Planetary Pain Body. That thought always zaps my energy and subtley weighs me down. I can actually feel it drag on my brain chemicals and dim my light. What this site has done for me is many-fold. It has shown me that my small acts of Good do matter, especially when combined with the overall group intention. This site has somewhat boosted my appraisal of how I am managing this incarnation because I realize now that I am a grateful cog in a beautiful wheel of humans striving to make a difference. Despite the usual time responsibilities, posting here has increased my energy to do more Good because I’m inspired. Plus its really a lot of fun to be in the Goodness Bubble. I also feel that this site lifts my spirits first thing in the morning because it’s delightful to read what everyone is doing and posting. It reassures me that magic is afoot and Goodness is, in fact, breaking out all over. The conceivers of this site caught a great idea and I’m really grateful to everyone working to make it happen. Peace and Blessings from the City of Angels.