The Nature Conservancy Plant A Billion Trees Brazil Project

tnc_86133362_preview_cropped_copyrightThe Bad News:

The earth is losing 200,000 acres of rainforests a day. Trees serve as the lungs of our planet; just one tree can absorb 48 pounds of carbon monoxide a year and release enough oxygen to support two people.

The Good News:

The Nature Conservancy has committed to planting a billion trees by 2015 in the Atlantic Forest in Brazil.

The Anonymous Good community is helping. The Atlantic Forest alone provides clean water and hydro-energy for 130 million people in Brazil. The rest of us benefit from climate regulation.

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The Plant A Billion Trees campaign was launched by The Nature Conservancy in 2008 to restore Brazil’s Atlantic Forest, which is on the brink of extinction due to pressures of urban expansion, agriculture, ranching and illegal logging. Over 12 million trees have been planted in the Atlantic Forest since the program’s launch. The goal of this unprecedented major restoration initiative is to reforest 1 million acres and connect fragments of forests, creating new wildlife corridors to improve the resilience of this critical and degraded ecosystem.

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The effect will be improvements to important watersheds that provide clean drinking water and hydroelectricity to millions of people, plus protection for thousands of species of native plants and animals. On a global scale, the trees planted by the campaign can remove 10 million tons of carbon monoxide from the atmosphere every year, which is equivalent to having 2 million fewer cars on the roads.