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Give The Gift Of Good This Holiday Season!

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Happy Holidays to the Anonymous Good Tribe!

If you’re looking for the MOST PERFECT GIFT EVER for ANYONE, ANYWHERE… we’ve got you covered.

Especially for those family members and friends who are sooooooo difficult to buy for!

It’s easy and it’s the gift that keeps on giving.

In three easy steps:

1. Create a Challenge in someone’s name and personalize it with an image or video intro.

2. Post Acts of Good directly on their unique Challenge page that you do in their name.

3. Send them a link to their Challenge page so no matter where they are in the world, they can see all the Good you’ve done as a gift to them!

Here’s an example of an Anonymous user who recently created a Challenge for their husband for the holidays. We’ll admit to adoring this. Lucky guy.

In conclusion: When you do Acts of Good in someone’s name and post them on a unique page just for them, you make them feel great, you feel Good, the people you helped feel great, so does anyone who reads the Acts of Good, AND you’ve also helped feed people, supply clean water, clean air and free people from slavery. If you need a refresher on how it works, this is for you.

That’s a heckuva gift and there are no ugly ties involved.

This holiday season, Do Good. Feel Good. And Change the World.

The Anonymous Good Team


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Ideas To: Do Good. Feel Good. Change the World.


We loved this user-submited list of ideas for doing Good (obviously, but we may be a wee bit partial). Enjoy!

Good: Tell a friend how to post on Anonymous Good

Great: Invite some friends over and show them how to post on Anonymous Good

Gandhi: Work with the community to show everyone how to post on Anonymous Good, so everyone can Do Good. Feel Good. Change the World. (Just like Olds, Alberta, Canada did!)

Image by Courtney Carmody

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3 Good Ideas

heart note_AG

Good: Leave a bigger tip than you normally would for your server

Great: Give a handwritten note to a friend expressing your appreciation for their awesomeness

Gandhi: Ready to replace your computer? Donate it to a literacy program


Image by Nono Fara

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Do Good!

Love Snacks_AG

Good: Keep an extra snack on hand in case you run into a hungry coworker, friend or stranger!

Great: Offer a coworker a ride!

Gandhi: Donate your leftovers to a homeless shelter every week!


Image by La Melodie

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Try These 3 Good Ideas

Gift box bow_AG

Good: Tidily clean up after yourself at the gym for the next person

Great: Send a care package to a loved one or coworker

Gandhi: Purchase pre-paid phone cards and leave them for someone to find

Image by asenat29

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Get going on some Good!

donate old cell phones

Good: Buy a coffee for someone in need!

Great: Collect and donate old cell phones to charity!

Gandhi: Pick something you’re good at and offer free lessons!

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The First Person You Help When You Help Others is…YOURSELF

123RF Volunteer Model

Everyone knows that volunteering is a great way to help others, but you may not know that volunteering has some benefits for you, too. Here are just a few of them:

Volunteering helps fight depression. Feelings of isolation are a risk factor for depression. Volunteering keeps you in regular contact with great folks. Jerks don’t seem to volunteer all that much.

Volunteering gives your self-esteem a boost. When you volunteer, you’re not only doing Good, you’re feeling Good too, and when you feel Good…well, you can see where this is going. Your self-esteem gets a nice boost; you feel Good about what you’re doing, so you feel better about yourself. Makes perfect sense!

Volunteering reduces stress. Since volunteering keeps you around other people and focused on their needs, volunteers tend to have lower stress levels.

Volunteering helps you live longer. Well, in a way. You see, studies have shown that those who volunteer tend to have a lower mortality rate than those who do not. But that’s not all – volunteering also seems to reduce the symptoms of chronic pain and heart disease.

When You Help Others, You Help Yourself!

For more good stuff on volunteering, check out the full article by HelpGuide here!

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Jump up and DO GOOD!

litter clean up trash kindness good

Good: Leave some change at a vending machine for the next person!

Great: Pick up litter at your local park!

Gandhi: Guerilla Garden for Good!

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Do These 3 Acts of Good!

doughnuts 123rf

Good: Let someone go in front of you in line!

Great: Give yummy treats to co-workers!

Gandhi: Save money for your personal “Do Good” fund!

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Do these 3 Acts of Good!

Smile at someone

GOOD: Smile at someone!

GREAT: Give up your seat to someone who needs it!

GANDHI: Spend a day with Habitat for Humanity!

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