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Officer Offers Comfort For A Lost Boy

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When a young boy got separated from his mother at the International Rice Festival in Crowley, LA., police officer David Taylor was there to help.

He lifted the boy to his shoulders to search the crowd, looking for his mother over the heads of many who were in attendance. And when the “extremely upset” boy started to get sleepy, worn out from the emotion being lost, the officer lowered him down and comforted him, cradling him against his chest.

Screen Shot 2015-10-22 at 8.29.21 AM

Thirty minutes later the boy was reunited with his mother but a photo was captured of the boy and the cop, living on and garnering attention in social media.

Uncomfortable with the attention he’s been receiving, the officer had this to say: “What I was doing is nothing different from the rest of our law enforcement colleagues. The only difference is that someone took a photo of me. If it shines a true light on what police officers do and can do, then [this attention] is a good thing.”

Kindess, compassion, all for a kid lost in the crowd. Pretty cool.

Read more of this story by Esther Castillejo on GMA Yahoo News here!

Photo: Twitter user @KFLY


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This Would-Be Bride Hosts A $35K Wedding Reception For Homeless

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What does a woman do when her fiancé calls off their wedding the day before their nuptials? She invites the homeless to a paid-for $35k reception, of course.

When 27-year-old Quinn Duane called her mom to tell her the news, that her fiancé had changed his mind and didn’t want to get married, Quinn’s family leaped into action. Non-refundable deposits had been put down on everything from food to flowers, and the freshly single woman decided to host the party anyway–for homeless people.

The flowers went to a nursing home, the invitations to a lavish dinner went out to homeless shelters in the surrounding areas. And while the reason for the event was devastating, the Duane family ended up feeding roughly 90 homeless men, women, and children.

“To lose out on something so important to yourself and then give it to someone else is really giving, really kind,” Erika Craycraft, an attendee of the dinner told reporters once word got out.

Read more of this story (and view the video) by Dominique Mosbergen on The Huffington Post here!

Image shared by Twitter user: @7NewsSydney


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Mighty Dolls, Mighty Good

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What if you took dolls and modeled them after real people rather than characters of fantasy? And what if those real people were women doing awesome things in the world?

Wendy Tsao got to work on this concept, up-cycling the popular Bratz dolls (which have received much criticism due to their sexualized appearance), and turning them into real-life heroes like Malala Yousafzai, the youngest Nobel Prize laureate. Tsao wanted to explore whether or not a doll truly does have an impact on a child’s view of the world and of themselves, so she began making Mighty Dolls.

“The dolls we find in toy stores today are often licensed Disney characters or the heroines of Hollywood blockbuster movies that capitalize on the pull of fantasy, fictional characters to young consumers,” Tsao wrote in a post on Bored Panda. “But there are real-life people who are heroes too, with inspiring stories of courage, intelligence, strength and uniqueness.”

Read more of this story by Lauren Levy on PopSugar here!

Image source: Wendy Tsao 

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Thanks For Being Like A Dad

Screen Shot 2015-10-14 at 10.19.34 AM

Anthony Nolan, a police officer in New London, Connecticut, regularly reads books to children in the area. But recently he was injured on the job and took some time out for recovery.

And one of those kids that he reads to had something to say about it: “My mom says [you're] hurt. I’m sad because you can’t read to me. I don’t have a dad — only you read to me,” the boy explained. “Thanks [for] being like a dad for us.”

Nolan was touched by the kid’s kind words–not knowing nearly the impact his reading sessions had on the young boy. The officer took to Facebook and said in reply, “Talk about fighting tears. [You] can’t tell me this is not the best… Love those kids.”

Read more of this story by Kimberly Yam on Huffington Post here!

Image: Facebook user Anthony L. Nolan

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Anything Is Possible When…

Screen Shot 2015-10-12 at 10.46.36 AM

Sometimes it’s good to simply stir the mind, to ask it questions that open new pathways in our brains. And with that in mind, Barney’s New York just revealed new window installations with the starter statements: “Anything is possible when…”

The thought-provoking window displays are in place to celebrate the International Day of the Girl, which serves to raise awareness for girls’ rights on a global level, and will be up across 15 stores until October 14th.

And if you want to get involved and share your own #GirlPossible statement, here’s how:

  1. On a piece of paper, write the message, “Anything is possible when ____________.” And fill in the blank with your answer.
  2. Snap a pic holding your message.
  3. Share the photo on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook using the hashtags #GirlPossible and #IDG2015. Also, be sure to tag @BarneysNYOfficial and @TheGirlsLounge.
  4. Tag your heroes—anyone who inspires you—to nominate them to take part as well.

Read more about this story here!

Image by: Twitter user @BarneysNY

*By the way, we are not endorsing Barney’s New York in any way, nor were we paid to share this article. However, if Barney’s would like to send us some fabulous ensembles, we would not be opposed. :)


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Words From The Window Seat

Screen Shot 2015-10-09 at 8.30.43 AM

We all need a little pick-me-up-now and then. And where better to receive this than after schlepping luggage through an airport, rushing to our gate, waiting with herds of people, then finally making it onto our flight?

Taylor Tippett, a flight attendant, decided to start spreading kindness, one note at a time. She now leaves “pick me up” notes for passengers lucky enough to snag a window seat on one of her flights. Some of the notes read: “Be the reason someone feels loved,” “Be kind to yourself,” “Remember your courage,” and “You’re actually wonderful.”

“If I’m not encouraging and inspiring others, what am I doing with my life?” Taylor says in a video about her acts of kindness. “What am I doing with my time here? For my voice to matter, and for other people to connect or feel loved or feel understood or heard, that’s all that mattes to me.”

And now she’s inspiring others to make kindness matter. The hashtag #WordsFromTheWindowSeat is a trending topic on Instagram, with users sharing snaps of notes of kindness they’ve left for strangers.

See more of this story by Laura Willard on Upworthy here!

Image: Instagram user Taylor Tippett (@taylortippett)

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A Smile Through Darkness

Screen Shot 2015-09-30 at 8.53.45 AM

Michael Maroney, a Master Sgt. in the U.S. Air Force, rescued over 140 people in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. One of those people he saved was a 3-year-old girl named LeShay Brown.

An airman caught a picture of the pair after the rescue–the young girl’s smile as she hugged her rescuer taking center stage. “When she wrapped me up with that hug, I just melted, and the weight of the world was lifted off my shoulders,” Maroney later told ABC News. “Everything in the world just stopped, and I wasn’t in New Orleans or in the devastation, I was just being hugged by a beautiful little girl.”

And in 2015, he decided to find this girl that he’d rescued so he started a campaign on Twitter using the hashtag #FindKatrinaGirl. And find her, he did.

The two were reunited on the BET talk show The Real.  “If I can explain to you how important your hug was…that small gesture, it helped me through bad days and dark days,” Maroney said to her. “You rescued me more than I rescued you.”

Watch the video of the reunion here:

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Killing Unkindness With Kindness


Dianne Hoffmeyer had been up all night with her 2-year-old toddler who was teething. And after a sleepless night and early morning doctor appointment, she and her daughter trekked to Tim Horton’s in Fort Gratiot, Michigan.

While she ordered doughnut holes for her daughter and much needed coffee for herself, she overheard two women behind her making snide comments about her. At one point they even called her a “whale.”

What the mean girls didn’t know–and ultimately matters little as no one deserves to be insulted–was that Dianne recently lost 177 pounds after being diagnosed with congestive heart failure while pregnant with her daughter.

So what did this exhausted mother do? She bought coffee for the women who were insulting her.

And why did she do that?

“My 2-year-old daughter is a mini-me and she mimics everything I do,” Hoffmeyer said. “I wanted to do the right thing so when she’s old enough she’ll know the right thing to do.”

Kindness in the face of unkindness. Truly awesome.

Read more of this story by Beth LeBlanc on USA Today here!

Image by Dasha


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Champions of Dreams

Screen Shot 2015-09-23 at 8.59.14 AM

We love cheer leaders. And by that we mean leaders of cheer, of support and encouragement of others (but if you prefer to hold pom poms while cheering, we’ll support and encourage that too).

With that spirit in mind, J.J. Watt and Kevin Durant (of NFL and NBA fame, respectively) are well versed in what it means to be cheered on. So in this video we came across, they turn the tables and take to the streets, championing the dreams of others.

And while we’re not in any way promoting the company responsible for this video, we’re loving the message of: “Everyone’s Dream Needs A Champion.”

Pretty darn cool. Whose dream have you championed today?

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Magical Costumes For Kids In Wheelchairs

Screen Shot 2015-09-17 at 9.31.05 AM

What happens when a kid in a wheelchair wants to be a pirate for Halloween? An awesome dad builds him a ship around the wheelchair, making Halloween hearts smile.

That was the start of Magic Wheelchair, the non-profit founded by that kind, creative father.

And now, with the help of volunteers and donors on Kickstarter, they’re making more wishes come true.

Read more of the story by McKinley Corbley on the GoodNewsNetwork here.

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Fighting For Life With Love

AG_linda and gabe family portrait

Sometimes we touch each others lives in ways that go well beyond pleasantries and dip into helping a fellow human fight for their life. Sometimes all it takes is a bit of kindness, compassion, and loving attention to help someone feel good. Oh, and sometimes it means starting an awesome ripple of Goodness that leads back to that person who may need it most. (Keep reading. Trust me.)

Two of our Anonymous Good tribe members dine at the same Mexican restaurant almost every week and have been doing so for years. They’ve come to consider the staff as family and Gabe, one of the many waiters they adore, loves to share stories and photos of his wife Linda and their darling son.

Continuing the happiness, Gabe shared that his wife was pregnant. Smiles and joy all around. That was 8 months ago.

Then more recently, our two Anonymous Good tribe members went back to their favorite spot and instead of Gabe sliding over to their table, eager to show the latest family pictures, he headed over with a different story to tell.

The love of his life, 28-year-old Linda, pregnant with their second child, was diagnosed with lymphoma. What would they do? What treatment wouldn’t hurt the baby? What did all of it mean?

Gabe expressed love and hope, and said of his wife, “She has a great attitude and it just gives me so much joy to see her better and positive and faithful, she looks so beautiful, and I thank God for every day I see her smile again. She is the love of my life and my best friend, and can’t think of the idea of living without her. I have faith that God will let her be with us for many many years to come.”

Linda, in an incredible act of generosity, even though she’s been feeling fatigued and weak, decided to cut off and donate her long locks of hair to charity before it fell out as she was told it would.

The amazing beauty of this family goes on and on.

So wanting to help in some way, our tribe members decided to do an awesome Act of Good. They shared that STARTING NOW, they are collecting cards, letters, little notes that share prayers, good thoughts, or words of inspiration and faith for Gabe and Linda and their family.

See? Awesome.

We can all participate and help make Gabe and Linda’s day a little brighter. Here’s how:

1. Grab a postcard, notecard, or piece of paper

2. Write a few (or many!) words of hope, a prayer, a poem, a happy face doodle, a favorite quote, a silly joke, anything positive (and/or fun or funny)

3. Put a stamp on it

4. Mail it to:

Linda and Gabriel Abundez


4025 Spencer St #104

Torrance, Ca. 90503

All of the notes and cards will be read by Gabe to his wife Linda as she undergoes chemo therapy.

Now that’s a BIG act of Good we can all be part of TODAY.

linda showing off Abigial - soon to make an appearance Linda and little gabe

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Clever Kid


An eleven-year-old New Brunswick boy decided that his goal for the summer would be to raise awareness about the environment and to lead by example, hoping people would walk and bicycle more and drive less.

So he set off, raising almost $2,500 and walking from Fredericton to Sussex (approx. 100 miles) to bring light to the issue. The money was an afterthought his mother said, and the primary issue her son desired to address was living more sustainably–striving for clean air and creating less pollution.

“I did an online fundraiser because I wanted to walk 100 miles to raise money for the environment and to show people how easy it is to walk to school, work, stores or anywhere else in a radius less than a few miles,” the boy said.

And to top it off, when a reporter approached him for an interview, he granted it under one condition: no cars were to be used in the facilitation of the meeting on account of it being counterproductive.

Smart, action-oriented, passionate, and clever…very clever kid. :)

Read more of this story by Danielle Boudreau on Yahoo News here!

Image by Martin Cathrae


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A Home For A Night


A mother and her baby showed up at the police station in Hyattsville, Maryland, survivors of alleged domestic abuse. They arrived hungry and homeless.

Cpl. Che’ Atkinson called a distant relative of the woman’s to come get her and her baby, but when he arrived back at the station the next morning, the woman and her baby were still there.

So the kind officer found a car seat for the baby, then loaded the mother and her baby in his police cruiser, then took them to a hotel and paid for it using his own money. “I had the extra money,” he said. “What would it hurt just to put them up for a night to make sure they’re safe?”

A whole new level of “To serve and protect.”

Read more of the story by Cameron Keady on the Huffington Post here. 

Image by: Tony Webster

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Trading Tales For Trims


What do you get when you have a kind barber who wants to encourage children to read? You get Iowa barber Courtney Holmes at a community back to school bash where kids get free haircuts in exchange for reading aloud to the barber during the cut.

“I just want to support kids reading,” Holmes told a reporter.

A grade-level reading coordinator, Caitlin Daniels, was also on hand to help those who struggled to tell the tales. “It’s great,” she said. “All the kids, they want to have a good haircut to go back to school.They’re paying through reading.”

Way cool and we love it.

Read more of this story on!

Image by: Archives New Zealand 

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Children Aren’t Coloring Books


A little ballerina, a mere 12-years old, in Bucharest, poses in her pink tutu in the urban streets amidst pigeons and other urban jungle interruptions. She’s been dancing for five years, works hard and is dedicated to the art of dance, and today, she has a belly ache. But, because the show must go on, she uses inner determination to push on.

A Romanian photographer, Mihai-Cristian Andrei, captured the beautiful moment as part of a project he calls “Urban Swan.”

“She wants to share with the world what can be achieved through hard work and dedication,” Andrei said of the ballerina. “The whole experience was a big lesson for me. [She] showed me that she’s not dreaming for success but working hard for it even though she is only a child.”

The goal of the photo shoot? To help inspire people–especially children–to work toward their passions.

“Children aren’t coloring books. You don’t get to fill them with your favorite colors,” Andrei told the Huffington Post. “Believe in them, guide them, and give them the opportunity and with their passion they can move mountains.”

Read more of this story and view some of the incredible photographs on the Huffington Post here!

Image by Tibbygirl

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Random Acts of Enchantment


Marla Must, a photographer in Birmingham, Mich., started a fun project that she dubbed Ms. Must’s Random Acts of Enchantment. Being a family photographer, she’s heard many children speak negatively about themselves and she wanted to do something to replace that self-harming script.

First she provided a group of girls a free photo shoot that kept in focus inclusion and kindness. Then she asked those girls to pay it forward with acts of Good—sit with a lonely kid at lunch, etc.

As of last count, Ms. Must has donated her time and efforts for over 24 photo shoots with kids and teens in Michigan, Chicago, Florida, and Toledo and had this to say about the experience:  “[Paying it forward] teaches them empathy. When they feel what it feels like to give kindness from the heart, it’s empowering for them. They feel good about themselves.”

The project is even turning a light toward the dark torture chamber of bullying. “I’m targeted all the time,” 15-year-old Delaney Esper said. “I’m doing this because I want to help other girls.”

Read more about this project and the full story by RoNeisha Mullen at the Toledo Blade here!

Note that the image by Ran Allen is not of Ms. Must in the story, but rather a girl taking a photo with a cool vintage camera. We thought it was cool anyway. :) 

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Planes & Trains To Paris


What happens when three men bravely stop a potential massacre on a train to Paris? They are told they will receive the Legion d’honneur, France’s highest honor.

Then what happens when you have three moms who want to see their courageous sons receive the honor but can’t get from America to Paris in time?

Enter pilot Doug Perrill who went to his boss, Tim Boyle, CEO of Columbia Sportswear, and asked if he would be willing to let the moms use Tim’s private jet. “Would we be willing to fly them in our plane to Paris?” The pilot asked.

“Yeah, we’d be happy to do that,” Tim responded.

So three very proud mothers flew to Paris in time to see their sons receive the honors. Goodness all the way around.

See more of this story by Eric March at Upworthy here!

Image by: Moyan Brenn

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Kindness Covers It

Screen Shot 2015-08-26 at 5.31.53 AM

Stories and philosophies of kindness are told in many ways, and this is a fun one shared by Lifehack with the words of Roger Ebert and an infographic by Zen Pencils.

Here’s a snippet: “To make ourselves unhappy is where all crime starts. We must try to contribute joy to the world. That is true no matter what our problems.”

See the infographic and read the story by Anna Chui on Lifehack here!

Image by: Lifehack, Gavin Aung Than, Zen

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Good Words, Good Deeds


We talk a lot about how acts of Good are important, but sometimes it’s a few simple words that are a Good deed. Like when a female writer in Egypt expressed on Twitter to her inspiration, J.K. Rowling, that as a woman, she doesn’t have the same freedoms that men have and that people laughed at her when she told them she was a writer.

Ms. Rowling’s response? “Don’t you dare let their laughter extinguish your ambition. Turn it into fuel! Big hugs from one writer to another x.”

Powerful stuff– especially given that these two women, presumably, have never met. May we keep in mind that our words have power, and may we use it *wisely.

*Bonus points if they help women kick ass.

Read more of this story by Kimberly Yam at the Huffington Post here.

Image by: Lukasz Porwol


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It’s A Colorful Life


Did you know that crayons used in a restaurant by kids (or fun adults) are generally thrown away due to germs? And did you know that approximately 30 tons of crayons end up in a landfill each year?

So what did one dad do about this? He started recycling old germ-filled crayons, turning them into new ones for children in schools and hospitals who may not have access to these wondrous tools of the art trade.

Thus far, Bryan Ware has created over 800,000 crayons for kids in need. Pretty cool (and colorful!)!

Click here to read more about this story and find out where to send discarded crayons on the Good News Network!

Image by: Phil Roeder

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