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Walking A Mile In Worn Shoes


Yaovi Amaglo, a high school senior in North Carolina, noticed that a classmate was being teased about his worn-out shoes. No stranger to being teased, Yaovi remembers being mocked in much the same way and bought himself a new pair of shoes.

“But nobody knew what I did to get that pair of shoes,” Yaovi recalls. “I would cut my neighbors lawn and take out her trash and she would give me $20 which I save[d]… in order to buy that pair of shoes. So I understand not everyone is fortunate enough to afford new pairs of sneakers.”

So what did he do to help his classmate? He bought him a new pair of shoes.

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Image by Chris Bogle is not an image of the shoes mentioned in the story but rather an image of a pair of worn-out chucks. We can’t speak to whether or not the person in this image has received a new pair of sneakers or not. Perhaps they don’t know the incredibly kind and cool Yaovi… :) 

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Solidarity Through Suspended Coffee


Naples is a city full of rich culture and deep tradition, including a practice of doing Good that became popular during World War II and is making a comeback in the turbulent economic times.

Laura Cozzolino kept the tradition of suspended coffee, or caffé sospeso, in mind when she visited a local cafe recently. She ordered her usual espresso, and when the time came to pay her bill, she paid for two coffees, leaving the receipt for the second with the bartender. The second coffee was a suspended coffee- a gift for a stranger.

In some coffee bars, customers can toss receipts for paid cups of coffee into an unused coffee pot and the needy can come in and enjoy the gift. “It’s a simple, anonymous act of generosity,” Laura explained. “As a Neapolitan who tries to restrict herself to four coffees a day, I understand that coffee is important. It’s a small treat that no one should miss.”

While no one knows exactly how or when the tradition began, the solidarity of the citizens of Naples have taken it upon themselves to help each other. A city-wide cultural (and caffeinated!) act of Good.

See More of this Story by Gaia Pianigiani at the NY Times Here!

Image by Chichacha

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There’s Always Time for Good…Even In The Cold


True kindness isn’t just about doing Good for other humans, but for all things, including animals. Kansas City knows that pretty well, since one of their own police officers was recently caught doing Good.

A police officer on a motorcycle, who wishes to remain anonymous (we understand!), is considered a hero after reuniting two lost dogs with their owners.

Another officer pulled up on the scene to find the cop sitting in the cold on the side of the road, keeping the dogs occupied until the shelter could pick them up. “It’s cold. Most people wouldn’t look twice at some dogs running around.”Thanks to the cop’s kindness, the dogs’ owners, Austin and Ashley Mozingo, now have their dogs back.

“It’s good to know there are still police officers out there who still enjoy helping out the community,” Austin said. “Especially in helping out such sweet dogs.”

 See More of this Story by KFOR-TV and K. Querry Here!

*Image by Bryan Rosengrant

*Note that the image of the happy puppy above is not one of the happy puppies rescued but rather a puppy illustrating happiness. 

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Flower Power!


For the past eight months, Knox Flowers & Gifts and Montana Radio Company’s MIX 102.3 have been randomly delivering bouquets of flowers to people as a gift of Good.

“The best time to get flowers is when you don’t expect them,” Beckie Peterson, general sales manager for 102.3, said. Five years ago she was given a cup of coffee as an act of Good then later she visited a flower shop. After putting the two together—an act of Good and a bouquet of flowers—she approached the owner of the flower shop, Randi Risher, and the two happily joined forces on the idea to brighten people’s lives just a little bit.

Now they find a recipient for the day—a gentleman loading groceries into his car, a mother with a fussy child—and delight in the act of giving them flowers.

“It’s not about receiving credit, ”Randi said. “It’s just about making somebody’s day.”

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Image by Kev-Shine

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The (Haunted) House Of His Dreams


Twenty-six year-old Jacob Bailey made it his mission to build a haunted house in the parking lot of Southern Hills Hospital. He and a group of volunteers from Molasky Junior High School worked to get the haunted house up and running in time for Halloween—all with the goal of giving visitors a Good scare, and raising money to go towards further Good.

All in all, it took eight months and a lot of work to build the haunted house of their dreams. As for Jacob, the haunted house is his way of showing the junior high kids that volunteering is not just a great thing to do to give back to your community, but can also be really fun. So far, the haunted house has been a great success in that regard. “There have been times when they’re working eight-hour days,” he said. “For a 13-year-old kid, that’s a long time for manual labor. To see them recognized for this, that’s the best thing I could imagine.”

The proceeds will go towards the Public Education Foundation, the Shade Tree Shelter, and an orphanage in Taiwan.

Having fun while doing Good—what could be better?

See More of this Story by Kirsten Joyce at 8 News Now Here!

Image by Justin

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Buzzed on Coffee & Anonymous Acts of Good

7-Eleven coffee

The morning rush for coffee began early in Geneva, Illinois, at a local 7-Eleven store. At about 5:30am, an anonymous do-gooder paid $100 toward the coffee of those who would come after him.

“The first customer came in,”Therese, the owner of the store, relayed. “I said, ‘Have a fabulous day. Your coffee has been bought by an anonymous person.’” The customer, however, handed Therese the $2 he’d intended to buy his coffee with and asked her to use it towards the next customer’s purchase.

Almost every single customer that morning put money forward for the next customer or paid for the next customer’s items themselves, purchasing chips, doughnuts, and energy drinks, and the Good was just getting started.

The chain of Good went on for 12 more hours, growing from $100 worth of purchases for other customers to $500 worth. The Good ended up involving approximately 800 people.

“It was the coolest thing, ”Therese said. “People think that everybody’s hearts have gotten harder and gotten greedy … and just to see that act of generosity passed on and passed on. It was great.”

Therese, who owns two other 7-Eleven stores, has never seen this kind of thing happen before. “It really is humbling,” she noted, “and you just feel that we have the nicest people in our community.”

See More of this Story by Brenda Schory at the Kane County Chronicle Here!

Image by brionv


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Cop Gives Hope Instead Of A Ticket


Police officer, Ben Hall, pulled over a car in Emmett Township, Michigan, when he noticed a 5-year-old girl in the backseat who was wearing a seatbelt but wasn’t in the proper booster seat.

The little girl’s mother, Lexi DeLorenzo, explained the series of unfortunate events that included her fiancé losing his job and being diagnosed with cancer, living paycheck to paycheck on income from Lexi’s part-time job, and having their car repossessed. Unfortunately, she just couldn’t afford a booster seat.

Instead of giving her a ticket, Ben asked Lexi to meet him at a nearby Walmart. While they were there, Ben bought a booster seat for the child, paying for it out of his own pocket.

About the Good, Ben said, “She was telling me that she hit a rough patch. I know that writing a citation wasn’t going to solve the problem. The biggest thing I wanted to do is give the child a reliable and dependable booster seat and giving someone a ticket is not going to fix that.”

“It was an unforgettable experience,”Lexi said.“I’ve never heard of a cop going out of his way —when he could have easily given me a ticket and made things more difficult. He, out of his own pocket and the kindness of his heart, did something to help me.”

Lexi shared that the kind cop’s actions changed her life by giving her more than just a booster seat. He gave her hope as well, which is way better than a ticket, if you ask us.

See More of this Story by A. Pawlowski at TODAY Here!

Image by Pol Sifter

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One Balloon & Two Happy Hearts

AG_Happy balloon

A 3-year-old boy happily got a balloon at the Penn Township Fall Festival. He was playing with it when it got away from him and floated out of reach and into the sky. The young boy was so distraught at the loss of his balloon that his body shook and tears rolled down his face.

His grandmother watched as nearby adults snickered and laughed at the major event in the child’s day. Then out from the crowd, a young girl, about 14-years-old, rushed over with another balloon in her hand for the upset little boy.

The grandmother was unable to catch the name of the kind and quick-thinking girl but the Act of Good warmed her heart and the heart of her grandson. One balloon leading to two happy hearts.

Check Out Cindy Boucher’s Story and Other Acts of Good at the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette Here!

Image by Alan Turkus

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Goodness Tour Goes To Hollywood

Goodness Tour Flyer FIREGROOVE

As part of the Goodness Tour, our friends Luc and the Lovingtons will be hosting a benefit party in Hollywood tonight (Friday, September 26th) at 8pm at The Grove Spot. There will be wonderful music, a live painting in progress, and a whole lot of love.

For those Anonymous Good tribe members who live in the Los Angeles area, we hope you join the festivities (and post all the wonderful acts of Good!).


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Good Goes Deeper Than Just The Act

dollar heart

Michelle Skillings has been visiting her son’s grave almost every day since he died of SIDS in 2008. Even on days when she simply needs to clear her mind, she will seek solace at the Bellevue Cemetery, sitting on a bench at his gravesite to reflect.

To celebrate what would have been her son’s birthday, Michelle’s family and friends decorated the gravesite with flowers, balloons, some matchbox cars, and a teddy bear. But two days later, much to Michelle’s shock and chagrin, the gravesite was vandalized. The flowers, balloons, and toys – all gone. For Michelle, it only made her day harder…at least, until she saw what had been left behind.

A note, along with a 20 dollar bill, had been left for her. Someone, apparently, noticed the vandalized grave and wanted to help.

Michelle has no idea who left the note, but the little Act of Good has truly touched her heart and, as she said, “…means so much more than just this.”

See More of this Story by Meghan Matthews at KMTV Here!

Image by Chris Palmer

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Birthday Boy Gives Gift Of Good

pizza heart_AG image

People walking in or out of the Cape May County Social Services Building got quite the surprise recently. Waiting for them just outside was a great treat: free pizza and drinks! The reason? It was Stephen Morley’s 11th birthday, and he wanted to do something nice for others to celebrate.

Stephen says he “got the idea from watching YouTube videos.” After seeing others helping people and making their days better, he knew he wanted to do something similar. So along with his sister and their father, Stephen handed out free slices to anyone who wanted one. They even had bottled water and YooHoo.

The boy wanted the Act of Good to come from him, so he bought the food and drinks with his own birthday money. According to Stephen, it feels Good to do Good.

See More of This Story by Bryon Cahill at Cap May County Herald Here!

Image by woodleywonderworks

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A Good Old-Fashioned Nice Guy

good job_AG image

Mary Morphet hadn’t gone into her master bedroom or bathroom for a while. Her husband, a WWII Veteran, passed away and she couldn’t bear to go in there alone.

When she finally decided it was time, she realized the sink required the attention of a plumber.

The first professional arrived and was unwilling to guarantee a price quote to the widow. So she called in another plumber, Mike Reynolds, and after hearing about her husband’s time spent in the submarine service and his recent death, he decided to charge her all of $20 for the work.

Her gratitude was carried even further when Reynolds’s partner fixed a top-heavy orchid that had belonged to her late husband.

“He could’ve socked it to me.” Mary Morphet told the Hi-Desert Star when interviewed about the plumber’s kindness. “I really felt love for this person because that’s the kind of person that you do love: a generous, nice guy.”

We love old-fashioned, generous, nice guys too. Anonymous or not.

See More of this Story by Alexis Cubit at the Hi-Desert Star Here!

Image by Steven Depolo

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Supernaw’s Serves Good (& Great Breakfast Burritos)

happy egg

It all started when a family contacted Supernaw’s BBQ on Facebook explaining that they’d lost everything to the Junction Fire in Oakhurst, California. They had no food, no home, and no clothes. Bret Supernaw knew he couldn’t solve everybody’s problems, but he could feed them, and that’s exactly what he did.

Even with evacuation orders still in place for a lot of the town, Supernaw’s offered free breakfast burritos to all evacuees, displaced families, and fire service personnel. Other folks saw what he was planning to do and delivered eggs, potatoes, cheese, and tortillas to help those in need of a hearty meal.

One man’s Good is another man (and woman’s) breakfast.

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Image by Frederique Voisin-Demery


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The Famous Shoe Tying Incident

Shoe laces 2_AG

Keith Kiel was shopping at a Publix grocery store in Ormond Beach, Florida when he noticed an amazing Act of Good in progress: A young Publix employee was crouched down, tying an elderly man’s shoelaces for him. The man was no longer able to bend over easily, so the employee was happy to help.

Keith took a photo of the incident and shared it on Facebook, where it quickly went viral and has gotten over 200,000 “likes,” in addition to garnering news media attention.

The employee, Gage Boucher, said he did it because he just wanted to help. His Act of Good wasn’t for recognition or reward; it was just out of the kindness of his heart.

Who knew learning to tie your shoes could lead to fame? (We wonder if he used the “bunny ears” method.)

See More on This Story by Claire Metz at WESH Orlando Here!

Image by jDevaun

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Michigan Boy Gives Anonymous Gift Of Good

AG Superman

A young boy’s act of Good in Barry County, Michigan, has revolutionized his community in an amazing way.

According to a recent study, 25% of children in the state of Michigan are living below the poverty level, which has left many young students with barely enough clothing to call their own. And in the community of Delton, a young boy noticed a student who was wearing the same clothes to school everyday. Then one day, that student’s only shirt tore while in class.

That night the boy went home, collected some of his own clothes, placed them into a backpack with his classmate’s name on it, then went to the school’s main office the next morning and quietly handed it over. That was the spark that changed everything.

When others within the community heard about the anonymous donation, they began bringing in clothes for other children who may be in need, setting up a giveaway desk in a classroom. But the little desk quickly proved to be too small for the inpouring of everything from ties to baby onesies to jeans, so they shuffled the clothes to various locations around campus until they realized the overflowing Good would need its own building.

“The Shack,” as they dubbed it, is getting bigger and better every day. Volunteers are ripping out the old carpet, a local architect is hard at work designing new blueprints, a plumber has taken on the work pro bono, and even Home Depot will be coming in to help.

The program has an official name now: the “We’ve Got Your Back Shack.” All the clothes at “The Shack” are free to anyone who needs them, and there has been a constant stream of clothes coming in and going out.

And it all started with one act of quiet kindness by a boy in Michigan.

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Image by JD Hancock

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The 10-Year-Old Kindness Queen

humane society_AG

Grace Preston, all of 10-years-old, is spending her summer raising money for her local humane society. Instead of sleepovers and pool parties, she’s been craftily creating “Grace’s Goodies”—homemade dog treats and tick repellant—and selling the goods at the Brockway Farmer’s Market.

At last count, she’d raised almost three thousand dollars, which helped the Gateway Humane Society to purchase a much-needed washer and dryer, and is aiming for an addition thousand by the end of the summer. So what drives her?

“I had this one dog named tater and she was really fluffy and I loved her she would let me lay down on her when I was just a little baby, but when she passed away I was really super sad and then my parents got me buddy and then I was thinking why don’t other animals be so lucky to get a home just to be with a family that would love them.” She said when interviewed.

A kind and compassionate entrepreneur by the age of 10, Grace has been dubbed the Kindness Queen around town. We’re sure the dogs and cats she’s helping couldn’t agree more (especially if they get their paws on some of her treats).

 See More of this Story at We Are Central PA Here!

Image by Yukari


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Winner Shares All

hand shake_AG_image

ModelPrankstersTV offered the opportunity for two homeless men to make money—whomever won an arm wrestling contest would win $100. There was a secret $50 consolation prize in place, but neither of the men knew about it.

After winning the contest, the homeless winner of the $100 immediately offered half of the winnings to the other homeless man. “…I know how it is, man, work is tough,” he said.

The incredibly compassionate gesture inspired the host of ModelPrankstersTV to reach into his wallet and share the rest of the cash he had. The two arm wrestlers, who had been complete strangers prior to the contest, walked away as comrades.

Compassion won that day, we’d say.

 Check Out the Video and See More of this Story by Melissa McGlensey at The Huffington Post Here!

Image by Aidan Jones

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Compassionate Connections

AG_heart image

Little Sophia had a short life. She lived her whole life, all 6 weeks of it, in the hospital. Because of the health issues she battled, her parents never got a chance to snap a photo of her without all the medical tubes around her so her father, Nathan Steffel, took to social media for some help.

After she passed away, Nathan posted a photo of baby Sophia on Reddit with a simple request, “Can someone remove the tubes from this photo?”Well, Reddit users did much more than that. Reddit users posted several Photoshopped, painted or drawn portraits of Sophia, as well as something else the grieving dad wasn’t expecting: personal messages of support from families who have gone through similar experiences.

Not only does Nathan finally have what he wanted – an image (actually, several) of Sophia without the tubes – but now he also has an extended family of other parents who know what he’s been through. Social media has the power to provide compassionate connections for parents who need it most, and that’s a beautiful thing.

See More on This Story by Maressa Brown at The Stir Here!

Image by Shimelle Laine

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Server Serves Tradition On The House

hearts and flowers 2

For the past 31 years in Columbia, Mo., a woman and her husband had spent every wedding anniversary at Red Lobster. The husband passed away in March, though that didn’t stop the woman from going out for her traditional anniversary meal…this time, with her daughter.

The women’s server asked the mother-daughter duo if they were celebrating anything special, and the daughter explained her parents’ tradition and her father’s recent passing.

The women carried on with their meal, then they asked for the bill.

Instead of the bill, the server gave them a note stating that the Red Lobster team was sorry about her husband’s passing, but appreciated their “loyalty in spending 31 years of [their] anniversary”with them. The meal was on the house, a token of appreciation.

A beautiful tradition paved the way for a beautiful Act of Good.

 See More of this Story by Brandie Piper at KSDK Here!

Image by Jetske

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