Happy Birthday


22 goods for In Loving Memory of Miss Evan Bard, Rest in Pink babygirl

It’s my golden birthday this year, 22 on the 22nd. All I want for presents is a weekend of random acts of kindness from everyone!

#Good4_Lucy's Super Sweet 16!

16 goods for Lucy

My beautiful dog Lucy turned 16 years old today. She has given me 16 years of unconditional love. I want my friends (and Lucy’s friends) to be inspired by the pure love we get from our pets. I challenge all of you to do something nice in Lucy’s honor, and post about it on Anonymous Good. 16 acts of good (or more!) over the next 16 days to celebrate unconditional love!


80 goods for Eugenie Streitberger

Omi turns 80 this July. She has spent her life loving her family and friends and has always been a kind, hardworking person. Let’s give her 80 good deeds for a birthday present this year. Let’s show her how we are carrying on her legacy by sharing the gifts of love, hope, determination and generosity that she has given us her whole life.


350 goods for Shara Prophet

Hey guys! I’m turning the big 35 this year. Please help me celebrate by doing acts of good. I’d love for us to reach 350 good acts by my birthday, May 20th 2014. The good acts can be anything from helping a friend write a resume to building a playground. It doesn’t matter how big or small the act, just make sure it’s real and you come here and post it under #Good4_Shara’s35thbirthday. Every time you post a good act, $.50 gets donated to a good cause like building a well in a village that needs clean water or feeding a family. Let’s do this!