In Memory Of

Do pure good.

50 goods for Of all HUMANITY

Some say ” You cannot change the world or anything without getting your hands dirty.”(Dirty: Doing something bad) I challenge you to do something good without getting your hands dirty so that you can disprove this statement.


22 goods for In Loving Memory of Miss Evan Bard, Rest in Pink babygirl

It’s my golden birthday this year, 22 on the 22nd. All I want for presents is a weekend of random acts of kindness from everyone!


1000 goods for Deb Wolf

I challenge all of my family and friends of Deb to each post at least one act of kindness each week for the rest of the year. Kindnesses posted can remind you of Deb and her fast, funny time on this earth or they can be random and beautiful on their own. You decide.


30 goods for Mr. Awesome

A Collegue I worked with years ago just lost his 7 year old son in an “freak” accident. There have been pictures of “Mr. Awesome” all over facebook–so beautiful, so spirited, so full of light. I didn’t know this child–but they are all our children. I am pledging to do acts of good every day for the next month in Mr. Awesome’s name. Anyone can join me. Sarting today I am sending money to his school.