The Agape Community Does Good, Feels Good, and Changes the World every day. Now we’re inviting you to double down on the good you’re already doing in the world by joining our challenge. Post a good you saw, you received, or you did. Your post raises real live dollars that fund all the basics- happiness, food, water, air and freedom. If you are from an Agape Ministry, please include the name of the ministry in the Good you post.

#Good4_Olds, Alberta, Canada

5000 goods for Olds and Community





Wouldn’t it be great if the little community of Olds could influence everyone to do good, feel good and change the world by promoting acts of good in our community?  We believe we can!

We want to celebrate our neighbourliness, engage everyone (especially our kids) and increase goodness and wellness for all.  We invite you to become a Good 4 OLDS Champion by posting the good things you do or see in our community.

Of course, we invite anyone from other communities who would like to support our challenge to become an honorary Good 4 OLDS Champion by posting acts of good under our challenge too. Just include the name of your community in your post so we know where you are!

Just think what we can do if we share the goods. We know we can post 5,000 Acts of Good in the next 10 months if we work together!


50000 goods for Kindness & Compassion for All

I feel good when other people feel good. And one way I aim to inspire is simply through smiling. This little light of mine. I’m gonna let it shine. I’m challenging everyone to hand out more high-fives and generous, genuine smiles, sharing the light that each of us have inside. When we smile, we increase our life energy, our frequency of light, and literally brighten people’s day. Especially our own. Our smiles are our wings. They lift us up and give us an advantage over our fears, failures and forgetfulnesses. And – the smile is energetically connected to the heart. When we smile, we lift the lid on our heart, keeping it open for The Divine to give Her blessing, heal, and inspire us. Sound magical? It is! I believe this small, courteous, and courageous act can and will transform our world.


I bought a used car from one set of friends with a baby on the way. They were in need of the cash. I gave the car it to another set of friends in need of a vehicle, so that they could get out of the unemployment merry-go-round they had been stuck in for lack on transportation. All Good! And within a week a job was obtained!! :-)


1000 goods for Deb Wolf

I challenge all of my family and friends of Deb to each post at least one act of kindness each week for the rest of the year. Kindnesses posted can remind you of Deb and her fast, funny time on this earth or they can be random and beautiful on their own. You decide.


48 goods for Jeremiah Alexis

As a professional editor I find myself having to reject projects due to lack of a budget quite often. This year I promised that I would work on at least 3 projects that I would do pro bono. They are projects that either aren’t commercial in nature and will seriously help the life of the person I am doing it for, or are for a good cause ie Anonymous Good, or a similar organization.


320 goods for YOUth Villages

Members of Youth Villages TL Program are in LA for 4 days and fixin’ to leave some southern hospitality in these western parts! When Southern Hospitality meets LA swag some GOOD is gonna happen!!


70 goods for Lloyd

My friend Lloyd turns 70 this month. He does so many generous acts for so many others –from helping free slaves, to supporting orphans to helping all his friends. Let’s show Lloyd how he has inspired us. Do acts of unselfish good in Lloyd’s name!


goods for Luc & The Lovingtons

Luc & The Lovingtons are on #TheGoodnessTour ! We’ll be bringing so much Goodness and invite you too! The Goodness Tour will be 3 weeks long, Sept. 11th – 30th, thus we are committed to 5 goods a week, that’s 15 goods! We challenge anyone in the AG community to match us! We will be playing for the homeless all along the West coast, but we are also looking for suggestions of Goods we can accomplish on our Facebook page. Your grandma needs some music to cheer her up? Your friend is stuck in his house w a broken leg? Let us know and we can be the harbingers of musical Goodness into their lives! More on #TheGoodnessTour coming your way in the next few days, visit us on FB to send us a Good challenge Blessings!


30 goods for Mr. Awesome

A Collegue I worked with years ago just lost his 7 year old son in an “freak” accident. There have been pictures of “Mr. Awesome” all over facebook–so beautiful, so spirited, so full of light. I didn’t know this child–but they are all our children. I am pledging to do acts of good every day for the next month in Mr. Awesome’s name. Anyone can join me. Sarting today I am sending money to his school.


366 goods for For myself!

I believe that actively expressing gratitude is one of the most effective acts of Good you can do for yourself, and that it has a ripple effect on everyone you touch with it. Therefore, I’m determined to be actively grateful in 2014. I want to be on the record about it, so here’s a space where I want to document and/or collect at least one expression of gratitude for every day in the year – not necessarily once a day, but a total of 365 expressions of gratitude. I will express gratitude ACTIVELY and OUT LOUD to OTHER PEOPLE, and I’ll record it here! I’ll chip in, and I invite you to join me!


20 goods for Wisdom 2.0

We’d like to collect all of the acts of good done by people at Wisdom 2.0 this weekend! With so many good people in one place, you know some GREAT acts of good are happening!


365 goods for Matt S.

Matt’s birthday is here! I want to celebrate the tenderhearted person he is by passing on some love and compassion in honor of him. Let’s see if we can do 365 good works in this next year of Matt’s life. That’s just one good work per day between all of us…we should be able to surpass that in no time! So drum up your wonderful and wacky ideas of how to reach out to the world of need around you, take action and make Matt proud. Matt, we love you! HAPPY BIRTHDAY! – Your fans


28 goods for Juan Carlos, who is getting a heart valve this month

February is American Heart Month. Let’s all do something good for our hearts! I challenge you to do an act of good to fill every heart with more happiness.


150 goods for Dot Negropontes

Dot Negropontes is one of the nominees from Olds for the Women of Excellence Award. She was instrumental in the Community Learning Campus which is now an internationally renowned education model. She was the Canadian contact for Anonymous Good, and spurred the #Good4_Olds Challenge to encourage us all to do small acts of good for others in our community. It was a resounding success, particularly with our youth. Dot is currently in hospital, so to lift her spirits and let her know she is in our thoughts, we want to re-issue the Anonymous Good campaign in Olds, and this time, we are asking Olds to use the #Good4_Dot Challenge and log 150 acts of good by July 1 in honour of Canada’s 150th birthday.


500 goods for The Heroes who inspire us.

Film heroes have existed for decades, often becoming influential role models in our lives and inspiring us to follow in their footsteps. We invite you to embrace the heroism of these influential characters and bring their values to life through your actions of Good! Every time you do an act of Good, see an act of Good, or have Good done for you, share it with us here, & we may choose to share your act of Good on our Facebook page, “Heroes Within Us”! Acts of Good can be smiling at a stranger, a thank you, donating money to charity, standing up to a bully– anything! No matter what it may be, no act of Good is too big or too small, but we do encourage you to go the extra mile. Please join us and embrace the heroes within YOU! Share this Challenge on social media using the hashtag #BeAHero.


10000 goods for Compassionate Huntington Beach

Huntington Beach is a city full of compassionate people. Individuals, service organizations, houses of worship and non-profits will be joining forces in September to play the Compassion Games in “coopetition” with other cities all over the world. As a warm-up, let’s start tracking the good going on in our city. Come to this page, and let us know everything – from saying something kind to the grocery checker, to visiting a friend in the hospital, rescuing an animal, to cleaning up the beach or taking cookies to the firefighters. Your good makes a difference in so many positive ways- join in and come back as many times as you want, and have some fun doing it!! The good gets paid forward!