150 goods for Dot Negropontes

Dot Negropontes is one of the nominees from Olds for the Women of Excellence Award. She was instrumental in the Community Learning Campus which is now an internationally renowned education model. She was the Canadian contact for Anonymous Good, and spurred the #Good4_Olds Challenge to encourage us all to do small acts of good for others in our community. It was a resounding success, particularly with our youth. Dot is currently in hospital, so to lift her spirits and let her know she is in our thoughts, we want to re-issue the Anonymous Good campaign in Olds, and this time, we are asking Olds to use the #Good4_Dot Challenge and log 150 acts of good by July 1 in honour of Canada’s 150th birthday.


104,944 goods for THE Ohio State University

Calling all Buckeye Fans across the country to fill the ‘Shoe with good deeds. Do something good and post before the last home OSU Football game of the 2016 season. We have lots to be thankful for, and lots to celebrate! Go Bucks! Dothegood!


100 goods for Broke students everywhere

If you live near or on a University Campus, chances are parking isn’t free. Next time you see an expired parking meter, fill it for a stranger/fellow student (even if you can only throw in a dime). A parking ticket, even if it’s only $20 can be crippling to a student who is struggling financially.

Do pure good.

50 goods for Of all HUMANITY

Some say ” You cannot change the world or anything without getting your hands dirty.”(Dirty: Doing something bad) I challenge you to do something good without getting your hands dirty so that you can disprove this statement.

#Good4_My Husband Lloyd for Christmas

10 goods for Lloyd Sutton

I will Give the Gift of Good to my husband for Christmas by posting 10 acts of Good in his name. This will mean more to him than anything else I can think of. He is such a great guy and will love looking up the challenge and seeing the ripple of Good that happened as a gift to him! PS he is difficult to buy for…so this is the best EVER! I llove you Lloyd! Merry Christmas!


22 goods for In Loving Memory of Miss Evan Bard, Rest in Pink babygirl

It’s my golden birthday this year, 22 on the 22nd. All I want for presents is a weekend of random acts of kindness from everyone!


goods for Luc & The Lovingtons

Luc & The Lovingtons are on #TheGoodnessTour ! We’ll be bringing so much Goodness and invite you too! The Goodness Tour will be 3 weeks long, Sept. 11th – 30th, thus we are committed to 5 goods a week, that’s 15 goods! We challenge anyone in the AG community to match us! We will be playing for the homeless all along the West coast, but we are also looking for suggestions of Goods we can accomplish on our Facebook page. Your grandma needs some music to cheer her up? Your friend is stuck in his house w a broken leg? Let us know and we can be the harbingers of musical Goodness into their lives! More on #TheGoodnessTour coming your way in the next few days, visit us on FB to send us a Good challenge Blessings!

#Good4_Olds, Alberta, Canada

5000 goods for Olds and Community





Wouldn’t it be great if the little community of Olds could influence everyone to do good, feel good and change the world by promoting acts of good in our community?  We believe we can!

We want to celebrate our neighbourliness, engage everyone (especially our kids) and increase goodness and wellness for all.  We invite you to become a Good 4 OLDS Champion by posting the good things you do or see in our community.

Of course, we invite anyone from other communities who would like to support our challenge to become an honorary Good 4 OLDS Champion by posting acts of good under our challenge too. Just include the name of your community in your post so we know where you are!

Just think what we can do if we share the goods. We know we can post 5,000 Acts of Good in the next 10 months if we work together!


49 goods for seekers everywhere

SLACKER PILGRIMS UNITE: We are walking 500 miles on a pilgrimage across France and Spain that people have walked since the middle ages. We invite anyone on the Camino de Santiago [or any other pilgrimage of the foot or heart] to share the acts of Good they witness or do …you get extra pilgrim points for humor!


2015 goods for Bry Delicia's The Art of Definition

As artists, I believe we’re able to make a difference and change the world through our art. Let’s make change for now and the new year =)