12 goods for The Entire Family!

Some great grandchildren and cousins are going to post their acts of Good this week during CAMP GRAND! They do great things all the time. Yay for them.


I bought a used car from one set of friends with a baby on the way. They were in need of the cash. I gave the car it to another set of friends in need of a vehicle, so that they could get out of the unemployment merry-go-round they had been stuck in for lack on transportation. All Good! And within a week a job was obtained!! :-)


320 goods for YOUth Villages

Members of Youth Villages TL Program are in LA for 4 days and fixin’ to leave some southern hospitality in these western parts! When Southern Hospitality meets LA swag some GOOD is gonna happen!!


10000 goods for Compassionate Huntington Beach

Huntington Beach is a city full of compassionate people. Individuals, service organizations, houses of worship and non-profits will be joining forces in September to play the Compassion Games in “coopetition” with other cities all over the world. As a warm-up, let’s start tracking the good going on in our city. Come to this page, and let us know everything – from saying something kind to the grocery checker, to visiting a friend in the hospital, rescuing an animal, to cleaning up the beach or taking cookies to the firefighters. Your good makes a difference in so many positive ways- join in and come back as many times as you want, and have some fun doing it!! The good gets paid forward!


1000 goods for Deb Wolf

I challenge all of my family and friends of Deb to each post at least one act of kindness each week for the rest of the year. Kindnesses posted can remind you of Deb and her fast, funny time on this earth or they can be random and beautiful on their own. You decide.


30 goods for Mr. Awesome

A Collegue I worked with years ago just lost his 7 year old son in an “freak” accident. There have been pictures of “Mr. Awesome” all over facebook–so beautiful, so spirited, so full of light. I didn’t know this child–but they are all our children. I am pledging to do acts of good every day for the next month in Mr. Awesome’s name. Anyone can join me. Sarting today I am sending money to his school.


80 goods for Eugenie Streitberger

Omi turns 80 this July. She has spent her life loving her family and friends and has always been a kind, hardworking person. Let’s give her 80 good deeds for a birthday present this year. Let’s show her how we are carrying on her legacy by sharing the gifts of love, hope, determination and generosity that she has given us her whole life.


350 goods for Shara Prophet

Hey guys! I’m turning the big 35 this year. Please help me celebrate by doing acts of good. I’d love for us to reach 350 good acts by my birthday, May 20th 2014. The good acts can be anything from helping a friend write a resume to building a playground. It doesn’t matter how big or small the act, just make sure it’s real and you come here and post it under #Good4_Shara’s35thbirthday. Every time you post a good act, $.50 gets donated to a good cause like building a well in a village that needs clean water or feeding a family. Let’s do this!


500 goods for Members of OneTaste Philadelphia

The members of OneTaste Philadelphia are playing a game to spark up the City of Brotherly Love and light up the power grid! Welcome to THE GAME. Here’s how it works. Each player is hereby challenged to complete 100 random acts of good between now and April 4th. Random acts of good can include (but are certainly not limited to): donating old books to a library donating canned foods helping someone carry groceries to their car holding the door for someone giving someone a compliment in the subway station AND MANY MANY MORE WONDERFULLY KIND DEEDS!! (be creative, people!) There are only 2 rules to this game: 1 – it’s gotta be real – c’mon! put some real good out into this city of brotherly love, don’t post fakies just for the sake of winning, we’ll know ;) 2 – #picsoritdidnthappen – we want to SEE what you’re doing in the world. snap a pic of each good and post it along with a description AND #Good4_PlayPhilly


50 goods for First Congregational Church

We would like to accumulate 50 acts of Good through the season of Lent until Easter Sunday. Instead of focusing on what can be “given up”, our youth is focusing on how we can “give” by doing, recording, and posting Good. Help us reach our goal!


500 goods for The Heroes who inspire us.

Film heroes have existed for decades, often becoming influential role models in our lives and inspiring us to follow in their footsteps. We invite you to embrace the heroism of these influential characters and bring their values to life through your actions of Good! Every time you do an act of Good, see an act of Good, or have Good done for you, share it with us here, & we may choose to share your act of Good on our Facebook page, “Heroes Within Us”! Acts of Good can be smiling at a stranger, a thank you, donating money to charity, standing up to a bully– anything! No matter what it may be, no act of Good is too big or too small, but we do encourage you to go the extra mile. Please join us and embrace the heroes within YOU! Share this Challenge on social media using the hashtag #BeAHero.