150 goods for Dot Negropontes

Dot Negropontes is one of the nominees from Olds for the Women of Excellence Award. She was instrumental in the Community Learning Campus which is now an internationally renowned education model. She was the Canadian contact for Anonymous Good, and spurred the #Good4_Olds Challenge to encourage us all to do small acts of good for others in our community. It was a resounding success, particularly with our youth. Dot is currently in hospital, so to lift her spirits and let her know she is in our thoughts, we want to re-issue the Anonymous Good campaign in Olds, and this time, we are asking Olds to use the #Good4_Dot Challenge and log 150 acts of good by July 1 in honour of Canada’s 150th birthday.


50 goods for First Congregational Church

We would like to accumulate 50 acts of Good through the season of Lent until Easter Sunday. Instead of focusing on what can be “given up”, our youth is focusing on how we can “give” by doing, recording, and posting Good. Help us reach our goal!


80 goods for Eugenie Streitberger

Omi turns 80 this July. She has spent her life loving her family and friends and has always been a kind, hardworking person. Let’s give her 80 good deeds for a birthday present this year. Let’s show her how we are carrying on her legacy by sharing the gifts of love, hope, determination and generosity that she has given us her whole life.


22 goods for Mine

I am devoting the first day of every month as my day of GOOD and inviting you to join me! Here is how: We will make the first day of every month for the rest of the year the absolute best day of our lives by doing Good, and report the ways we have done this. I read about a guy who pretends that the first day of each month is the best of his life, and he says a lot of Good happens every time. Let’s apply ourselves to it and share the positive impact and Good we bring about!


22 goods for In Loving Memory of Miss Evan Bard, Rest in Pink babygirl

It’s my golden birthday this year, 22 on the 22nd. All I want for presents is a weekend of random acts of kindness from everyone!

#Good4_My Husband Lloyd for Christmas

10 goods for Lloyd Sutton

I will Give the Gift of Good to my husband for Christmas by posting 10 acts of Good in his name. This will mean more to him than anything else I can think of. He is such a great guy and will love looking up the challenge and seeing the ripple of Good that happened as a gift to him! PS he is difficult to buy for…so this is the best EVER! I llove you Lloyd! Merry Christmas!


49 goods for seekers everywhere

SLACKER PILGRIMS UNITE: We are walking 500 miles on a pilgrimage across France and Spain that people have walked since the middle ages. We invite anyone on the Camino de Santiago [or any other pilgrimage of the foot or heart] to share the acts of Good they witness or do …you get extra pilgrim points for humor!


12 goods for The Entire Family!

Some great grandchildren and cousins are going to post their acts of Good this week during CAMP GRAND! They do great things all the time. Yay for them.